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Antennae are a type of Potion Mutation. They can be permanently added to your waja by using a Arista Potion. Antennae give your wajas long, insect like antennae coming from their forehead. This mutation cannot be colored and so always appears in a brownish black color.

Mutation Appearance

AntennaeAerial.png AntennaeAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} AntennaeBane.png {{{breedless}}} AntennaeCorsie.png AntennaeDivine.png AntennaeEarth.png AntennaeEgyptian.png AntennaeFire.png AntennaeForest.png AntennaeImp.png AntennaeNormal.png AntennaePlushie.png AntennaeSpitz.png AntennaeTempest.png AntennaeWater.png