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Welcome to the Wajas Wiki!

The wajas wiki is intended as a resource for both new and old users to find general to specific knowledge about Wajas. For example, the Wiki aims to have guides with information on all of the items on the site, along with guides on basic topics such as how to navigate Wajas, how to earn WC, getting your first waja and how to use HTML on Wajas. The Wiki is a community run project, which means that you can help out too! To help with the project, you must first request an account. When requesting an account, include a personal biography (this can be edited later, so it doesn't need to be too detailed) and also your Wajas ID. Without a Wajas ID, your account request will not be accepted. After submitting the account request, send a PM to Lammy at account #722 on Wajas, to let her know that the application has been submitted. The request will be reviewed and accepted if you have followed the guidelines.

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July 25th, 2021

Hello hello everyone! I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates, I've been super busy lately and it's been very hard for me to make the updates and admin like I normally do! All that said, I wanted to toss out that the wiki is desperately in need of some self motivated editors with some free time to spare for editing! The wiki could really use some help with updating basic help articles while other users and myself are creating the new marking, mutation, and item pages! If interested please apply to the wajas wiki guild! Once accepted I can get your account created, and we have a to-do list there that lists a good portion of the articles that need updated. While it is volunteer work, from my own pockets I do from time to time reward top contributors with anything from items to CWP!

Back to wajas news, happy 15th birthday wajas! As seen in the current event section above, wajas 15th Anniversary is currently running! A lot of the contests and other things are going to be wrapping up soon however as a lot of the festivities end at the end of the month, so be sure to get your entries/tickets/pick up late minute crates, etc while you still can!!!

As always, I want to thank the readers and contributors for their support! This wiki is completely user ran, and completely volunteer work. It would not be here today without everyone's support! ♥♥♥ ~Tailz 1231

May 30, 2020

Hey guys!!! Just popping in with a quick update! So as you can see, I've played around with the skin on the site to make things a little more functional on both mobile and desktop! I'm still working on organization but for the most part I think I've completed most of the changes! I hope it makes it easier to read and navigate on all devices!!! If you see anything weird or buggy send me a PM on site and I'll see what I can do to fix it! Within the next month or two I will have a guild on site where from now on we'll be doing our recruitment, instead of requesting it through the actual wiki since the form sign up thing is weird. We are still backlogging old items, however all new markings and mutations from the last few months are finally available to be viewed!! I hope you are all well! See you next time! ~Tailz 1231

April 30, 2020

Hello! Hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy! ♥ I am pleased to announce that the All Markings on the Arctic and All Mutations on the Arctic pages are up! Sorry it took much longer than intended but better late than never, right? :') Synestra and I have been chipping away at all the items that are missing on the wiki since August of last year! (To put it in perspective that's around 350-400 item pages that need created xD) I'm hoping to have a good portion of the items added in by the end of the weekend, and finished by the middle of next week. ^^ After that, the secondary tasks such as creating the marking pages, adding in the new features (guilds and the DUCs!) will be next! Along with minor cleanups of pages along the way. xD You'll notice some of the older pages are kind of wonky looking right now, they are a work in progress to fix because we made some changes to the template to make things more user friendly for mobile. Eventually I will also be updating the main page for mobile as well, but it's more important to me that content is up to date than the front page cleaned up. Thanks for hanging in there! I'll be back with more updates soon ♥~Tailz 1231

March 18th, 2020

Ahhh! I apologize for the silence and out of dateness! I'm going to quickly try to get everything up to date as possible, so please excuse the mess! :) A new breed is very awesome and exciting! I mean, LOOK at the Arctic!!! But with a new breed makes a lot of work and challenges for the wiki. Since a lot of the templates for the wiki were made at the beginning of its creation, I'm going to be overhauling and changing things. All Markings on the Arctic and All Mutations on the Arctic pages are up, and I'll get the images on there as soon as I'm able :) Along with that, I'll be overhauling all the item pages as well. This will take even more time to complete but I'll be diligently working on getting everything all finished as soon as possible :) If there are any wiki volunteers who have time to help with the process, please send me a PM on wajas or discord and we'll figure out a plan of attack! :D Thank you everyone for your patience and support with the wiki, I appreciate each and every one of you! And as always, I'm open for feedback as well if there is any user suggestions for either new pages or anything I can do to make anything easier to use or read. ♥ Please everyone stay safe and healthy and I'll keep you updated as I finish up things!! ~Tailz 1231

View previous news posts here

To Do List

  • Update all Markings on each breed with appropriate large artwork.
  • Waja Profile needs updated as well to reflect new changes to mutation handlebar system.
  • Update the Custom Demo page to new format : include a link to the HEX codes page, information about the color selection box, and moving markings.
  • Relocate and list all Non-shop Dyes as Out of Shop dyes for easier understanding and to match a frequently used terminology.
  • Shop Search and Inventory need updated with proper a proper walkthrough with the new filtering system.
  • The following items need to be on black wajas (with Black Wallpapers as needed):


  • Reorganize, combine, and elaborate on many of the basic help articles, and seeing what from said articles need added to the Newbie Mega Guide and the Getting Started page.
  • Update HTML page with Lammy's article on Wajas.
  • Update items to new large image format.. Possibly creating a "needs redrawn for quality" or something similar category to help report older items that need possible redraws by artists.
  • Do you have a suggestion for this list? Send a PM to Tailz or Schwarzwald on Wajas.

How to Help

You can browse around the pages on the wiki and find ways to improve them or create new pages by clicking red links or searching for page titles that haven't been made yet (Note: please only create a new page if it is a specific topic, you have substantial information on the subject, and an existing page covering that topic does not already exist). The "To Do List" should also have a list of specific things to do.

Before making any changes to the Wiki, please refer to the to Basic Editing.

Wiki uses a unique markup system. Here are some guides to wiki editing:

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