Accessory Shop

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Oh, poor child. You need some bling! Please, check out all these accessories.

The Accessory Shop ran by the NPC Strudel is found under the Shops tab, and restocks at :02, :17, :32 and :47 past the hour except between 2:00-3:00am Wajas Time when there are no restocks. This is where some accessories can be bought, though most accessories are not available here. Most of the accessories for sale in this shop are kept there semi-permanently, though the Accessory Shop is occasionally used as a way to release a new accessory for a limited amount of time.

Available Accessories

Some of the available accessories do not usually appear in a single restock, so the specific accessories in each restock will vary.

Because the prices of most items in the shop fluctuate from restock to restock, those provided here are only an estimate of what the item will cost.

Collars, Collar Tags/Buckles, and Harnesses

Clothing and Jewelry

Headgear, Wigs, and Contacts


Foregrounds and Lighting