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Balloon Pop - Throw darts at balloons to win a prize! Balloon Pop is very simple game where you throw darts at a balloon and you win the prize that's in the balloon, similar to a game a festival or carnival. It's a simple click and receive game just like Fish-a-Waja. Regular users are allotted 3 plays per wajas day at 5,000 WC each, while upgraded users can play 5 times a day for 4,000 WC each!

Prize Items

Along with random amounts of WC, the following are items you can win!

Start-Up Initiative

Gold Trophy awarded for donating.

On January 30th, RocketDave announced that the new game was available on the site, but the NPC needed some help. The NPC said they needed some help raising funds for the game! Users needed to help raise a total of 150,000,000 WC and donate 10,000 items for the game to unlock. The site got together and unlocked the goal within less than 4 hours as it was available in the small hours of January 31st.

Replenishing the Game

Occasionally the NPC will ask for help to replenish the funds for the game and reward the contributors with neat items. Each contributor will get along with the announced items the Achievements Balloon Pop Fan, earning them a trophy for their profile. You will only get the trophy once, so if you donated in a past fundraiser you will not get another trophy.

February 9th, 2017 - February 12th, 2017
Requirements Prizes Accomplished
600,000,000 WC & 40,000 Items Dragon Armor Aquatic Green Set & Aquatic Dragon Green Goal was met