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Wands are items used to replace the hex color or texture of an existing marking, mutation, base color, eye color, or misc color on a waja, and can be used on any waja at any time. The name of the wand refers to the types of textures it can apply. Restockable wands are available in Vyra's Shop. Unlike Dyes and DNA, wands can only be used on an existing waja's base color, eye color, misc color, existing markings, and existing mutations. They cannot be used to dye a marking or add a mutation. Wands cannot be used to add any hex color to a waja, but rather are used to apply textures to a waja. The type of texture a wand can apply depends on the type of wand.

Types of Wands

Below is a list of the current types of wands and the textures they apply.

  • Gradient Wand - Rainbow Gradient; Chrome Gradient; Blue Indigo Rings; Red, Orange and Yellow Rings; Gilded; Rainbow Light; Green Rings.
  • Nature Wand - Sandstone Pebbles; Furry Coat; Ripple; Blaze; Bokeh; Brownie; Zombie.
  • Oddity Wand - Red Stripes; Vyra Viral; Gingham Glitch; Colors of the Chosen; Holographic!; Sprinkles; Crystals Inverted; Crystals.
  • Plasma Wand - Explosion; Flames; Magic; Acid; Acid Blue; Electric Rainbow; Electric; Electric Gold.
  • Space Wand - Galactic Expanse; Nebula Texture; Co...Co..Cosmos!; Galaxy Blue; Galaxy Purple; Galaxy Pink; Cosmos Inverted.

Using a Wand

To use a wand on a waja, first click on the wand in your inventory and select "Apply". You will be prompted to choose the waja you want to use the wand on. Select the waja you want and you will be presented with a page similar to the custom demo or custom creation page. Here you will choose the texture you want to apply from a dropdown menu (it defaults to the first texture available on that wand) and then which old hex color or texture to which you wish to apply it. To do so, simply click the circle previewing the hex color or texture, and it will update to show the new texture. The waja demo image will automatically update once you select the hex color or texture you are replacing. If you select the wrong hex color or texture, simply click the texture's preview circle again, and it will return to the old hex color or texture; then click the hex color or texture you intended to click. Once you're satisfied, press "Apply Texture;" the wand will be used, and the new texture will be applied to your selection.

Wand textures applied to an already pregnant waja will not affect the pups she is pregnant with.

When applying a wand to a Mutation, you may change the texture of any and all mutation markings for that mutation. For example, you may change all four hex colors on TriWings to your chosen texture with a single wand, but you cannot change both hex colors on Punk Mane and both hex colors on Long Hair with the same wand; to change two mutations, you will need two wands.

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