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Released in 2007, the Fire waja is one of the 16 obtainable waja breeds. It seems to be leaping and landing on its front feet. All of the Fire's feet are flaming, originally colored to match the waja's eye color. The eye color was once available in rainbow, making rainbow flames come off of the waja's feet. This is no longer possible, though. Fires have multiple tails, and seem to be mischievously grinning.

On November 15, 2013 the Fire's nose was changed by Estuko, who said "Small edit but the Fire Waja has a new nose. The old one was really starting to irritate me...". Pictured for comparison below.

In 2014, with the release of the Forest breed, the Fire's foot flames were no longer dependent upon its eye colour, but rather the newly release Miscellaneous Color, which also effects several other breeds, where as the Fire's Eye/Flame colour was unique to it alone. All existing Fires had their Misc. Color added on as their Eye Color so as to preserve their appearance.

To change a waja into the Fire Breed, use a Burnt Paper.

Stages of Development

Pup ( 0-5 days ) Adolescent ( 5-12 days ) Adult ( 12+ days )