Flower Patch

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A Flower Patch is a section at the bottom of a user's profile page that features small pixel flowers given to the user by other players. When mousing over the flowers, the name of the player who gave the flower will be visible. The flowers do not have any practical purpose and are just there for fun.

Giving and Receiving Flowers

To give a flower to another user, visit their user profile.

  • If they have already received flowers from others, there will be a section with the words "Flower Patch" at the bottom of the page. Below this you will see one or more pixel flowers and below that a link that reads "Gift a flower".
  • If the user has not received any flowers yet, there will just be a link that says "Gift a Flower"

In either instance simply click "Gift a flower" and a flower will be added to their patch. The type of flower you give is determined randomly, and you will only be able to give one flower per person. If you do not see their flower patch or the "Gift a Flower" link, this means they have disabled receiving of flowers.

When a user receives a flower, they will see a notification informing them. They will also be able to mouse over their flowers to see who gave them.

If you no longer wish to receive flowers or have your flower patch visible, you can go to your Settings -> Preferences and un-check the box next to "Show & Send Me Flowers". This will hide your flower patch and prevent other users from sending you flowers.


This profile section was originally introduced as part of an event in Spring of 2007 called "Friendship Week" where users were allowed to give each other flowers as a symbol of friendship. It was disabled at some point and stayed that way for years before returning on April 6, 2011.

The excitement resulting from the return of flower patches created a wave of mass flower-gifting for a few days afterward, with many online users receiving a large number of flowers in a short time. Because several users complained about receiving tons of flowers (and consequently tons of "you have received a flower" notifications at the top of their screen), the ability to control whether or not you can be given flowers was added on May 26, 2011.