FurEva Ticket

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"Redeem this ticket to get a Forever Upgraded account!"
Item Type: Unusable
Item ID: 742
Release Date: December 18, 2009
Release Method: Point Exchange 2009, 2500 points
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When used, a FurEva Ticket grants the user a Forever Upgraded ("Platinum Waja") account. These accounts possess all the perks of being upgraded and never need to have their upgrade renewed. When being forever upgraded, you also receive the Diamond Trophy 'Gamer Addict' Achievement.

This item is categorized as an unusable item despite the fact it can be used.

This item can currently only obtained by purchasing it from other users.

It was rereleased in the 2013 Point Exchange for 1,000 points.

20 were rereleased in the Easter 2015 event for 8,000 Easter Eggs.