Halloween 2020

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Halloween activities kicked off on October 1st this year, with the new and improved forum trick or treating release (a throwback to the Halloween 2009 event). The Trick or Treat door will still be released but won't be available until the week of Halloween. More details about the door will be available once it releases (tentatively on October 25th)

Door Trick or Treating

The door officially opened on October 24th, and will run until the end of the month. You can knock once per hour, at any point throughout the hour for a pull for a single item from any of the items listed below.

These items were removed from the door, and no longer available as they were added by error.

These items were added on 10/27/20 after the initial release of the door:


New Items Rereleased Items
Bats Albino Autumn Leaf
Bloody Hatchet Blazing Aura Fire
Bloody Mouth Blazing Aura Ghost
Goad Green Blind Glance
Goad Mixed Blood Puddles
Goad Yellow Collar Spikes Silver
Gothic Black Roses Falling Leaves
Hatchet Foxfires
Haunt Moth Glowing Contacts Purple
Haunt Moth Charcoal Gothic Dying Roses
Haunt Moth Harvest Gothic Red Roses
Haunt Moth Purple Kitsune Fire
Skorp Ghost Not-As-Dark Shadows
Skullider Oil Lamp
Red Inky Paws
Spectral Soul
Starry Jewelry
Swarm of Bats
Tattered Cape Black
Tattered Cape Blue
Tattered Cape White
Tattered Hood Black
Tattered Hood Blue
Tattered Hood White
Travelers Hat
Wizard Hat

Wallpapers, Midgrounds, and Foregrounds

New Items Rereleased Items
Cobblestone Dungeon Wallpaper Apple Orchard Wallpaper
Grunge Border Black Aspen Forest Wallpaper
Grunge Border Dark Red Barnyard Wallpaper
Grunge Border Edges Dark Red Blood Moon Wallpaper
Grunge Border Edges Green Crystal Cave Green Wallpaper
Grunge Border Edges Red Dark Alley Wallpaper
Grunge Border Gray Garden Party Wallpaper
Grunge Border Green Ominous Woods Black Wallpaper
Grunge Border Red River of Souls Red Wallpaper
Grunge Border Thick Black Silver Moon Wallpaper
Grunge Border Thick Dark Red Summer Pond Wallpaper
Grunge Border Thick Gray Swamp Gas Blue Foreground
Grunge Border Thick Green Swamp Gas Yellow Foreground
Grunge Border Thick Red Twisting Forest Brown Wallpaper
Grunge Overlay Black Underground Pool Lava Wallpaper
Grunge Overlay Dark Red
Grunge Overlay Gray
Grunge Overlay Green
Grunge Overlay Red
Grunge Spatter Black
Grunge Spatter Dark Red
Grunge Spatter Gray
Grunge Spatter Green
Grunge Spatter Red
Mysterious Manor Grey Hallway Wallpaper
Mysterious Manor Hallway Wallpaper
Mysterious Manor Purple Hallway Wallpaper
Twisting Forest Green Foreground
Twisting Forest Green Midground
Twisting Forest Green Wallpaper

Dyes, Brushes, DNAs

Item Type New/Old
Dye Harvest Moon Dye New

Forum Trick or Treating

The forum trick or treating will run through the month of October and be removed on November 1st. You can opt in by selecting the Trick or Treat link on the left side bar. You'll then choose "Yes!!" to the prompt, and select your trick or treater. Once you've done that, go either start a new thread, or post in a thread that was created after October 1st! Once you post, you'll be able to trick or treat everyone who has posted before you, and people will be able to trick or treat your post as well! But be sure your post has 20+ characters and 5+ words, or it will not activate the trick or treat for the day. You can only trick or treat a user once per day, regardless of where it's posted. More info can be found here.

Although not mentioned in a news post, items were removed and added without notice. The following items have been discovered as remove at some point:

  • Bloody Axe
  • Contacts Glowing Orange
  • All Blazing Auras