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Learning to edit Wiki markup can be a daunting task, especially since Wiki markup differs significantly from BBCode or HTML. However, practicing is the best way to learn, and you can immediately try using Wiki markup by editing any of the articles on this Wiki.

Basic Editing

The following links provide good basic guides to the various things you'll want to be able to do with the wiki markup.

Updating Prices

All items should have both WC and CWP prices listed, for consistency. Even if an item is worth 1,000 WC, it should still have a CWP price listed. In the event that neither a WC or CWP price is available, leave it blank.

Prices should be in the following format: 1,000,000 WC / 1 CWP

Items released through the site shops should have their value in these shops (an approximate is fine for shops such as the Accessory Shop) listed next to the release method. For example:

Release Method: Wallpaper Shop, ~255,000 WC

Release Method: Monthly Item Shop, 5 CWP

Release Method: Leaf Exchange, 35 Leaf Points

To show approximate, use the ~ symbol, and round your price to the nearest 5k. So if you go to a shop and see the item is 246,788 WC, list it as ~245,555 WC.


Basic guide to uploading item images

This provides a quick guide to the process of modelling and uploading item images.

  1. Equip the item by itself (no other items, wallpapers, or foregrounds equipped) to a pure FFFFFF white, markingless and mutationless waja. It is also highly preferred that the waja have pure white eyes, especially with Fires as their eye color becomes very obtrusive because of their flames. For items that are difficult to see on a white waja and would be more visible on a dark waja, a pure 000000 black waja (with matching eyes) with no markings or mutations may be used instead. For items that are difficult to see on a white background, a Black Wallpaper should be added.
  2. Miscellaneous colour must also be pure black or white. Wajas with hidden markings (such as a #000000 marking on a #000000 base) are also acceptable.
  3. Refresh the image so that the waja is displayed wearing the item.
  4. Save the image to your computer (it should default as a png file). You can usually do this by right clicking the image and choosing "save image as". You can name the file anything you want on your computer, as the name will be replaced upon upload.
  5. Go to the wiki page for the item you are uploading the image for. If there is not currently an image for the item/breed combo that you are uploading there will be a red link with the name of the file. For example, File:RopeForest.png. Click on the link to go to the upload form. The name for the file will already be set, so just select the correct file from your computer and hit Upload File. If you are uploading a replacement image (such as when an item is no longer glitched), go to the wiki page for the image and click on the existing image you are going to replace. Below the image, it provides the option to "Upload a new version of this file". Click on that to go to the upload form, select the correct file from your computer and hit Upload File. You do not need to modify the name of the file.
  6. Once you click "Upload File", you should be taken to a page with the image on it. At the bottom of the image's page, there should be a section that says "File Links". The page for the item should be listed there if everything worked correctly. If it isn't, that means that either the file was named incorrectly when uploading, that the item's page didn't correctly name the link to the image, or that the item's page does not exist.

File type

All file types should be .PNG.