Pear Tree

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A great tree, famed for it's valuable leaves, only the most loyal Wajas may approach. Those that can, will prosper. Some leaves are rarer than others, and you may only collect them twice a day. Any more and a terrible curse may fall upon you.... - Pear Tree site description.

Site artwork of the Pear Tree

The Pear Tree is one of the special perks for upgraded users on the site. To get to the pear tree, go to the World menu and then click the Pear Tree ink.

If you have an upgraded account and have not already visited the pear tree that day, a button reading "Approach Tree" will appear bellow the picture of the tree. You are allowed to collect a leaf from the tree two times per day. After two times the "Approach Tree" button will be replaced with the text "Aww.... It looks like you've already visited the pear tree twice today. Why don't you come back tomorrow?".

When collecting leaves, the color of the leaf you get is random. However, the lowest value leaf you can collect is Green; Brown Leaves are only given as "change" from Leaf Exchange purchases.


Each different colored leaf represents a different number of 'points'. These points can be traded in for items at the Leaf Exchange. <gallery widths="80px" heights="80px" perrow="3">


Brown Leaf
Value: 1 Point File:GreenLeaf.png|
Green Leaf
Value: 4 Points File:BlueLeaf.png|
Blue Leaf
Value: 6 Points File:PinkLeaf.png|
Pink Leaf
Value: 7 Points File:RedLeaf.png|
Red Leaf
Value: 9 Points File:PurpleLeaf.png|
Purple Leaf
Value: 10 Points File:SilverLeaf.png|
Silver Leaf
Value: 11 Points File:GoldLeaf.png|
Gold Leaf
Value: 13 Points File:RainbowLeaf.png|
Rainbow Leaf
Value: 15 Points