Shop Search

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The shop search is where a user can search for items currently for sale in User Shops. It is found by clicking "World" and then "Shop Search". The shop search page will have a scrolling menu that lists nearly all items on the site (the primary exception being Custom Patches), in alphabetical order. In addition, on September 19th, 2017, a filter searching system has been added, as well as a feature showing the item image.

To search for an item for sale, scroll to it in the list and select it by clicking the name or start typing the name of the item in the "filter by" box then select it by clicking the name. Then you can specify a minimum and maximum price if you choose to, as well as the currency you want to search by (WC, which is the default currency, or CWP).

Click "Submit", and you will be taken to a listing of users who are selling the item, the price at which they are selling it, and the amount they have in stock. Listings are ordered from cheapest to most expensive, with the cheapest at the top of the list. Next to each listing will be an action button that says "Buy" with the currency you'd be purchasing with in parenthesis. You can click that button to buy the item immediately. Clicking their username will take you to their shop page, where you can see all the items they have stocked in their shop.


  • It is always a good idea to use the shop search to check the going price of an item you wish to sell in your user shop before pricing it. This will ensure that you're not pricing your item grossly above or below the current market price.
  • It's generally inadvisable to set a min/max price, as the listings are sorted from least expensive to most expensive anyway. Setting a minimum price will prevent listings that are cheaper than that price from showing up, and listing a maximum price may prevent any results from being returned if the max price you set is lower than the lowest price for which the item is currently being sold.
  • If no results are returned and you did not set a min/max price, it's either because no one is currently selling the item for that currency, or because the item hasn't been released yet and so no one owns any.