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There are many different types of breeds and even more different markings. On top of all this, however, people have created extra sub-breeds. They are wajas, possibly of a specific breed, with a set of distinguishable markings, colors or attributes that make them part of the agenda to become a sub breed.

There are countless amounts of sub breeds and most of them have been carefully created, with different breedings and markings before they are at a finished product, but many of them are constantly shifting and changing as people find things that look better.

Admin Created

Sub Breeds that have been created by admins of the site and are a part of it's history or created for special site features/events.


Hitomi, the first Saber waja.
Ronin, the Saber Club Mascot

Sabers are the oldest sub breed on Wajas, predating even the site itself. They were available as forum adoptables on Ponyisland before the creation of Wajas as a standalone site.

In order to qualify as full sabers, wajas must have Belly Spots and Back Spots markings along with the Mane, Saber Fangs and Leg Feathers mutations. This makes full saber customs a rarity, because they are obtainable only by use of a Mutation Pear or using DNAs. They can have any color scheme, as long as Back Spots are the darkest color and Belly Spots the lightest. All breeds are admissible but Normal is the most common. Wajas who lack mutations or have extras are known as partial Sabers. During the month of February the Sabers club holds a month long sub breed awareness event which they hold games, contests, and giveaways in the name of sabers. The event is dubbed "Saberuary".

Hitomi is the very first Saber and could be found in Estuko's cave prior to being raffled off and eventually winding up in DragonBlack's possession. The newly revived Saber Wajas Club is being run by DragonBlack, who also owns the club mascot, a full saber custom named Ronin.

Ronin, the Saber Club mascot, also features in the background of the Saber Wallpaper.

The Saber Wajas Club


A full feather waja located on the news post.

The Feathers sub breed is created by Estuko, who can create the only customs with Feathers and Feathers Lines markings. The feathers wajas are a predominantly normal based sub breed. The markings cannot be created via the custom demo, and is not currently released as a dye. As announced on the news by Estuko, "I'm sure most of you know about the new subbreed by now. If not, you can Go Here to check it out. The subbreed has exclusive markings on it that you cannot get anywhere else. We're running an experiment to see what everyone can accomplish through breeding! :)" She is encouraging testing the breeding script and occasionally releases generation 2 wajas with the "full feathers" markings in her cave. Besides buying from her cave, the only other way to get a generation 2 "full feather" is by buying them from another user, winning a contest occasionally held by staff, or via the new raffles system. Customer Feathers are sometimes available via site raffles. Site Artist Lynn (#80) runs the feathers sub breed club. In May 2019, users were able to purchase two generation two feathers for 15,000 WC for a staff-held Feather fade breeding event. This event lasted until June 5th, 2019.

Feathers: The Flock


Rooster displayed by Estuko.

The roosters sub breed is created and managed by Estuko. The sub breed features many waja breeds sporting the exclusive Markings Feathers Filling and Feathers Lacing, as well as the exclusive Mutation Rooster Tail, markings and mutations only available on customs created by Estuko. This sub breed was created to continue testing the breeding script and to encourage experimental breeding on the site. Estuko stated, "We are trying to run this one a little differently, there's more things to breed for, specific goals and prizes." The sub breed is centered around a breeding project which Estuko has announced that there will be prizes that include; a trophy, exclusive wallpaper and item set, and other undisclosed prizes. The goal of the project is to breed in two markings at 50% opacity or higher of your choice, while retaining 100% Feathers Lacing and Filling, as well as adding another mutation through breeding while retaining the Rooster Tail. Other specifics can be found in the Guidelines link located below. Unlike the feathers, there are several rooster customs mostly owned by site staff and a few that have been raffled through site raffles. Site staff periodically and randomly releases gen 2 "chicks" in their caves at the price of 200,000WC.

Rooster Breeding Project Guidelines
Rooster Sub Breed Chat

User Created

Created by Users from the site, and are not typically started by site admins and staff.


Gravemind, the main flood waja.

Flood wajas are particularly popular, based off of the Flood from the Halo games. The 'Flood' is a parasite that burrows into the chest of a host and changes the body into what's described as a decayed looking monster. Flood wajas are determined by their colors more than anything else, as they can be any breed whatsoever and they can have any markings/mutations, as long as they are mainly within the agenda of what the forum says 'dominant colors' are. The most dominant should be green at all times. Green, brown and black are acceptable, and if used in small amounts, yellow and red are allowed as well. Other colors are only acceptable in the case where they can't be seen, whether they are buried under other markings or so faded that they simply just don't show up. The Flood sub breed and club was started by Mitexi (#11423).

Gravemind, the first Flood Waja, also features in the background of the Flood Wallpaper.

The Flood Club: Wajas
The Flood Club: Forums
Flood Waja Giveaway Thread


Nebula, the Galaxy Waja Mascot.

One sub breed that is seen a lot would be the Galaxy sub breed. Galaxy wajas are what they say on the tin - Wajas that resemble something you might see in space. They generally have a black base, with blue and purple colors. The only agendas they have are that the waja must have the mud and side stripe markings, and no mutations besides the mane. This sub-breed isn't breed specific, as any breed of Waja is allowed. The breed was originally created by Deirdre9, with the "Galactic Wajas" club being currently run by Kida ⑀

Nebula, the Galaxy Waja mascot, also features in the background of the Galaxy Wallpaper.

Galactic Wajas Club


An Earth horse waja.
An Egyptian horse waja.

Horse Wajas are another commonly found sub-breed. The breed 'specification' states that the wajas must be Earth or Egyptian and they must also be all natural colors, as they are based off of real life horses rather than something from a cartoon. The creator of the breed and/or club is Misteria Fire Wolf.

Earths are generally used for heavy breeds with feathered legs. They are used commonly for horses as thay actually have hooves rather than paws. Egyptians are used for the daintier breeds, like Thoroughbreds and Arabian horses.

The Horse Waja Club


A fox Tempest.

Fox wajas are basically wajas that resemble a real life Fox. The 'Fox Breeding Project' has recently been rejuvinated and is as popular as ever. They are generally only found in real life colors, but it isn't uncommon to get oddly colored wajas that have markings that resemble a fox. Usually, they are orange, white and black, and quite often are Tempest or Aerial as they most resemble the body shape of a fox, but they can be many other breeds as well. There is no particular breed specification for the fox wajas.

The Fox Breeding Project


Laffy Taffy, the original Taffy waja.

Taffy Wajas are one of the more specific breeds. Any waja that wishes to be classed as a Taffy Waja must follow a specific Taffy design, but there is a 'cousin' breed known as Taffy Kin Wajas.

The Taffy Waja must have these markings in this specific order: Zebra, Cheetah, Hood, Large Dorsal Streak, Small Dorsal Streak, and Trident. The Cheetah, Hood, and Large Dorsal Streak must ALWAYS be FFFFFF - Pure white, to stay in the correct spirit of Taffys. They can be any breed, but the vast majority of them are Normal. The Taffy design was originally created by Erienne (1324), with the official Taffy club being currently run by airr (29), and its sister-thread the Taffykin club being run by Cuilean.

Laffy Taffy, the first Taffy waja, also features in the background of the Taffy Wallpaper.

Taffy Wajas Club
Taffykin Wajas Club

Regal Symphony

Pallas, the original Regal Symphony waja.

Regal Symphony Wajas are one of the most recent sub breeds, and like the Taffy Wajas are very specific. Any waja that wishes to be classed as a Regal Symphony Waja must follow a specific Regal Symphony design.

The Regal Symphony Waja must have these markings in this specific order: Giraffe, Belly Swirl, Songbird, Collar, Eye Shadow, Forehead, Chin Spot, Blaze, Wind. They must also have visible Tri Wings. They can be any breed, but a majority of them are Normal. The Regal Symphony design was originally created by Bepo (45825).

Pallas, the first Regal Symphony waja, also features in the background of the Regal Symphony Wallpaper.

Regal Symphony Club


Razzleberry, one of the four original Uber wajas.

Uber wajas are a sub breed that have been around for some time. Like Taffies and Regal Symphonies, their markings and mutations are specific. An Uber must have Brindle, Ritual, Dalmatian, Mud, and visible Butterfly Wings. In customs, these must all be the same colour and non-customs are expected to retain the same appearance and thus must be bred with an Ancient Love Pear which was the only love pear available when the sub breed was created. The Ubers were a joint venture between Thymey and BlueGreenGrey, who came up with design and named it, respectively. Despite being very expensive to make at the time (over 40 CWP per waja because of the high price of Dye Ritual) and the pups being sold for 3 CWP/8 million WC, the design became very popular. Each of their caves houses one half of the 32 Uber customs that they ultimately created. Sadly, BGG passed away December 17, 2012 from heart problems, so any so her half of the customs are no longer breedable, which leads to certain Gen 2 colourations being rare.


Wildsong, the original Wildsong waja.

Wildsong wajas are a sub-breed which have been around for quite a long time, and their popularity often waxes and wanes. Wildsongs can be found in multiple breeds, although Normals are most common. As explained by the creator and propogator of the Wildsong sub-breed, a "perfect" Wildsong waja is one that has the exact same markings as the original Wildsong, at the exact same percents, and in the exact same colors. It must also have the exact same base and eye color, and carry or show all of his mutations. Any additional markings or mutations (including carried) invalidates a waja as a Wildsong. The markings can be in any order, with those marking orders producing a significant visual difference being known as "Marking Mutations", and the waja can be any breed. Anything other than this invalidates a waja from being a part of the Wildsong sub-breed.

A "technical" (abbreviated "techie") Wildsong is one which have perfect markings, colors and percentages, but which show leg feathers, mane or prehistoric horns. The original Wildsong is owned by Wolf loves Wildsong! (32326).

Wolf loves Wildsong! (32326) eventually stopped breeding Wildsongs, and temporarily quit the game of Wajas. According to the notice in their main cave, this decision was due to a large community backlash about the breeding practices used to create Wildsongs (many Wildsongs, to keep within the exact parameters, were inbred). However, with the revival of the Wildsong Club on Wajas, Wolf loves Wildsong! (32326) has since returned to playing again. The current Wildsong Club is run by The Justice Karasu (76942).

Wildsong, the first Wildsong waja, also features in the background of the Wildsong Wallpaper.

Originating Cave
Wildsong Club


Vincent the club mascot.

Court Jesters are a Sub Breed created and managed by Linneh (Now Kiwi #68534). The sub breed was sparked by the love of a design from an older pair of customs that belong to a frozen owner. Kiwi had collected a few of the offspring from the pair and decided to create a sub breed around the design. The design is now associated with card suits, and the suits titles are given based on generation. The breed standards are the following: Base: Color 1, Eyes: Any Color, Panda: Color 2, Husky: Color 3, with Leopard Spots and Jester sharing Color 4. More information on breed standards can be found in the references below. The sub breed hosts a month long sub breed awareness month during May (named MAYHEM May) which they host games, giveaways, and other fun contests to spread the sub breed around the site.

Sub Breed Thread
Sub Breed Standards
Origin Story
Member Database


Meyvitaan the current club mascot.

Wendigo are a sub breed created by OnyxFox89 (Currently Foxy Momma Wendigo #297833). The Wendigo design was prearranged before creation, and launched where a few customs were created by different users in November of 2015. The legend of Wendigos stem from a folklore of a cannibalistic creature, which is never satisfied and always hungry. While a few traits of the Wendigo follow the folklore's characteristics, the wajas design was intended to be affordable and to help bring banes back to their scary, threatening roots. The Wendigo also have a sub breed rival which is the Behemoths who keep the Wendigo in check from running amok around wajas. Breed standards include the following; Fishbone, Okapi, Dipped, Spectre Face, and Spectre Mask. Okapi's color must stand out against the base color, while Dipped is always a shade of red. Fishbone should be white or an extremely pale color. Spectre Face is always under Spectre Mask and must be black. Spectre Mask must always remain on top of the markings and be the same color as Fishbone. Markings should remain above 90% to be considered a full Wendigo. Mutation requirements for the sub breed is Leg Feathers (same color as the body) and Antlers (any color that matches). Other mutations are okay with Wendigo, but it is given its own classification and does need to follow color standards (more information in sub breed thread). Any breed is accepted however banes are the focus of the sub breed. Any Wendigos that are no longer wanted are requested to be sent to the sanctuary in cave #354313, as sending a Wendigo to the OWF will terrorize those who have been sent there to live the rest of their lives in peace.

As of 12/2/18 The marking Eye Shadow was dropped from the required marking list to be an optional marking and Specter Face was added to replace it due to its ability to give the Wendigos its desired "Death Mask" more accurate, and the official need of this update was launched 1/1/19.

The Dominion : Sub Breed Thread


Piri Reis is the first Map created.
Mister Mapril is the club mascot.

The Map sub breed was founded by Ankaret (#72150) with help from Amica Arbor (#65779). In February 2017 Ankaret and Amica Arbor decided to make the design a sub breed and founded Cartography Club. Since then the sub breed has grown rapidly and there are now over 100 customs. A Map may be of any breed and have any mutations. It must have the following markings at 100: Dino Stripes, Goblin, Hound, Startrail and Wind. Dino Stripes must be layered above Hound. A Map may have any of the following markings at any strength: Base, Bird Wing Tips, Chrome, Rainbow or Roan. A Map may not have any other markings at a strength above 1% - the 1% exception is to allow buying and re-dyeing of customs for transformation into Maps. The sub breed is unusual in the number of unloved customs that have been rescued and re-dyed in this way. Cartography Club hosts Mapril annually taking place in the month of April, with giveaways, games and fun. The club mascot is Mister Mapril, a gen 2 Earth owned by Ankaret.

Cartography Club : Sub Breed Thread


Gasoline Gut, owned by the creator of the Hooligan breed, Chika.

The Hooligan subbreed was started January 9, 2019 by Chika (#67109) and took off like a wildfire. Hooligans are a Silver Token design with over 20 dyes added in a specific order, but any color or texture. Because of the freedom of the coloration of Hooligans, they can look like anything with any mutation added! It is also easy to make a 'dyed' custom Hooligan (buying a base with the required Thylacine marking) and making your own designed Hooligan in whatever theme and color you choose. Hooligans are known to be rebels, causing mischief and mayhem wherever they choose, as well as known to rock out to metal.

Hooligans have the most amount of markings out of all the Subbreeds currently recognized by staff (in fact, when Waja Park was re-released in early 2019, a Hooligan Custom was in the release in the park). The only OOS dye is Dye Water (found in leaf exchange). All other dyes are in shop dyes.

Hooligan Subbreed thread


Arcane, owned by Paws, is the first Behemoth created.

The behemoth sub breed was officially started on August 8th 2015, however the design and corroboration of waja users started much earlier in separate forums. Many users helped in the design process, with special note being given to Zeldruin, Zor, Ninja, Tabby Queen, Dragonwolf, Canuka, Chanta and Limi (some have since left wajas or changed their name). Paws held the honor of being the original sub breed forum leader. This task has since been passed to Ceres (#184702) in 2016 due to Paws hiatus and the overall decline in Behemoth popularity. Many users were put off by the idea of making a custom because the design for the behemoths was always an expensive goal that required at least a gold token and two DNAs. The Markings are as follows; Husky Opposite as the lightest color on the waja, Elk as the darkest color, and Thylacine as close to the elk color as possible. A behemoth waja must have at least two mutations; Mane in the color matching Elk and Thylacine, and Ram Horns in a color closely resembling the body. Behemoth wajas are said to be the protectors of all wajas, with one of their greatest enemies is the monstrous Wendigos!!

The Behemoth Pack : Sub Breed Thread

Boreal Saber

Takana, owned by Snap, the creator of the subbreed.

The Boreal Saber sub breed was officially started on November 29, 2018 by Snap (#2257). All their markings can be used as dye only, as well as token made. They use both Saber Fangs and Mane mutation, much like the Saber subbreed. In fact, they encourage the cross-saber Sub Breed, as they are considered distant cousins of each other. They actually encourage the breeding of Fades as they allow non-standard markings added to their breeding pool. The sub breed also recently celebrated 'Pi' day, by doing a PIE contest.

Boreal Sabers