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Wajas Raffles - Join these raffles for the chance to win a rare or special kind of Waja!

Wajas Raffles is a feature introduced on May 16th, 2016 that allows upgraded accounts to place a waja available for players to buy tickets. Only upgraded users can put them for raffle, but anybody can participate in the raffles. Users can set the ticket prices to either a currency(WC, CWP) or any of the available items. You can also set the quantity for said ticket item (I.E, x5 Earthworms for 1 Ticket). It functions a lot like raffles in real life, if you invest in a raffle and do not win you will not get a refund on your ticket price.

Participating in a Raffle

Displayed when no raffles are available in the selected section.

To participate in a raffle, click the Explore Menu and click the Game Tent. Once in the games menu, you can then click the Wajas Raffles section to be taken to the raffles home screen. If it takes you to the Site Raffles page, you can go back to the home page by selecting "Wajas Raffles" from the text navigation just below the date (Explore » Games » Wajas Raffles). From the Wajas Raffles home screen, you have a choice of either Site Raffles, or Player Raffles.

  • Site Raffles are waja raffles created by Estuko that typically features noteworthy wajas (Low ID's, Glitches, Customs, Custom Patches, etc) and may or may not have rare or valuable items equipped.
  • Player Raffles are waja raffles created by upgraded users.


Once you have selected your source of raffles, and you have found a waja you'd like to invest in, choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase from the drop down menu and click purchase tickets. Click "OK" on the prompt and you will be taken to the first page with a confirmation message of "Thank you for your purchase." The raffle will allow tickets to be bought until 11:59PM wajas time on the End Date and results will be announced via a notification at midnight 12AM. Once a ticket has been purchased there are no refunds, so think carefully before investing.

Putting a Waja Up For Raffle

Which gorgeous pup are you here to raffle? Choose one!

If you are looking to place a waja for raffle, first you need to make sure your account is Upgraded. Only upgraded accounts may place a waja up for raffle. From the Wajas Raffles main menu, with the Aerial NPC, click the red link in the chat bubble that reads "Choose one!". Once in the menu locate the waja you wish to place for raffle.

  • Note: The waja you place for raffle cannot already be for sale and must be removed from sale prior to placing it in a raffle. Items equipped to said waja will be locked in, you will not be able to add or remove items once the raffle has been set.

After choosing your waja you must pick the start and end dates for your raffle. When choosing the end date keep in mind that the raffle will still run the date of the end date, so tickets will be able to be purchased on the end date up until 12AM(midnight) the night of the end date. Example, if you choose to end your raffle July 4th tickets will be allowed to be purchased on July 4th until 11:59PM. Once the clock hits 12AM for July 5th the raffle will be drawn and automatically distributed to the winner. Raffles cannot be ended early so take that in consideration when planning your end dates. Setting a description is the next step, where you can add a little blurb to the wajas description to explain anything you think may persuade users to purchase a ticket. The description box does allow a bit of HTML but if adding images too big it will stretch out the entire column of raffles. It's best to resize images to 350px in size. If you need help with HTML I suggest checking out [Lammy's HTML Guide] and posting on the [HTML testing thread] to make sure your coding fits. You can preview the coding beforehand but keep in mind after you start the raffle you cannot end it, so if your coding is messed up you will be unable to fix it. The next step is choosing what you would like to take in turn for tickets. You can choose between CWP, WC, or an item and choose the quantity of preferred ticket price. In the Minimum section, you can choose to place a minimum of tickets required for the raffle to proceed.

  • None - No minimum is required and the raffle will run whether 1 ticket or 1 person has bought tickets.
  • Tickets - Set a minimum amount of tickets to be sold. That amount of tickets must be reached for the raffle to draw.
  • Players - Amount of different accounts to participate in said raffle. The chosen amount of players must be reached by the end date or the raffle will not draw regardless of the amount of tickets purchased.

If the minimum is not reached before the end date, the raffle will not run. The waja will be returned to the user raffling the waja and a notification will be sent to all participants letting them know the minimum was not reached, returning their funds. Once you've chose your minimum preference click "preview" to make sure the raffle looks good. Keep in mind once you accept the raffle, you cannot go back and change it after. This is your last chance to make sure everything is accurate. Click to accept it and it'll appear in the raffles on your start date and tickets will be able to be purchased. To view the amount of tickets sold so far, you will have to find your listing in the player raffles, as the "Current Raffle" overview only shows the information you put into creating it. Upon reaching the end date for the raffle, the system will automatically pick a winner and give the waja to the player who had won. The raffle host will receive a notification verifying the raffle had ran, or had not ran in the case of not reaching the minimum, and the funds will automatically added to your account.

Previous Wajas Raffles

Previously, raffles were held by buying "raffle tickets" from account #12. Raffle Ticket Red and Raffle Ticket Blue would be changed into an item when the tickets were drawn. The winners would receive the waja being raffles, while the users who had bought tickets got an item in the tickets place. More information can be viewed on the following pages; 2014 Waja Raffles 2015 Waja Raffles