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The Monthly Items shop, sometimes called the CWP Shop, is a shop that sells different limited release items for a period of time for CWP. Most items, with the occasional exception of Dyes, DNAs, and Instants, are not typically re-released after they leave the shop.

The Monthly Items shop is where items like Non-shop Dyes, DNA, and Instants are sometimes released or re-released. Non-shop Dyes and DNAs can reasonably be expected to be re-released in the Monthly Items shop at some point in the future, but there is no set schedule of Dye, DNA, or Instant releases. A News Post usually accompanies the release of Dyes, DNAs, and Instants in the Monthly Items shop, and a second News Post usually precedes their removal, but sometimes they are removed without warning when a new set is released. The time frame for a release varies; some releases will remain in the shop for a month, and others will remain far longer than a month.

Available Items

There is an infinite amount of each item in the shop.

Prices listed here will always be accurate because the shop does not restock.

Items are shown in the same order that they appear in the shop.