Getting Started

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Wajas Basics

Newbie Mega Guide
A large guide that covers most basic features of wajas with clickable navigation.

What exactly is a Waja? This page details the basic features of a Waja and links to pages with more comprehensive information on things like breeds, markings, and mutations.

Getting Your First Waja
A quick guide on how to get your first few wajas.

Need WC? Games are a great way to start earning some.

Looking to buy something but not sure where to look? Want to learn how to set up and use your shop? These pages will help you out!

Breeding Guide
Ready to start breeding wajas? This page explains how breeding on the site works and how you might avoid some common mistakes that are made. Information here includes how HEX codes work, breeding stats, and the different effects of the two kinds of Love Pears.

Pears are major items on wajas used for many different things. This page explains the basics about pears and redirects to other pages about specific pears.

This page will tell you all about the different options found under "Your Cave". It also tells you a little about cave sizes and wandering wajas.

Need to transfer some WC or CWP, or just want to tuck away the currency you have to help with saving? This page will give you information about the Bank and it's various functions.

Custom Wajas
What is a Gen 1 and how can you get one? A helpful page explaining Custom Wajas.

A page which explains about HTML on Wajas, including codes you can put in your page, a section for tips and troubleshooting and about the areas where you can use HTML.

A fun place to go and chat with others around the world. This page will tell you more about them.

Pricing Wajas
Not sure what to sell your wajas for? This page gives a general overview on how to price your wajas when selling them.

Newbie Adoptions
Want some more personalized help? You might consider being adopted by an experienced user.

A page detailing giveaways.

All about the contests in the World category on Wajas.

Information on dyes and a list of dyes on the site.

Interested in getting into the Roleplay boards, but don't know how? This should explain it all.

Wajas Raffles
Your one stop shop for all the information about buying raffle tickets for wajas and placing a waja in a raffle.