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This guide has been adapted from Apples Mega FAQ featured in the help section located here. Minor changes may be made to either ensure accuracy, fit the wiki layout, or simplify a topic.

Congrats and welcome! You're probably wondering what to do first. As with any site, you should take a look at the Terms of Service and the Forum Rules just to make sure you know what is and is not ok to do here.


How to Get a Waja

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  • Check out the Giveaways or Newbie Giveaways forums and apply to those you qualify for. Be sure to read the rules of those boards before posting.
  • Post a Wanted Ad stating what you want and how much you can spend.
  • Look through the Waja Sales forum for wajas to buy.
  • Look on the Who's online list for anyone with Sales in their name and look through their cave to see what wajas are for sale.
  • Search for a waja using the Waja Search.
  • Utilizing the Wajas Park to capture some wild wajas.

How do I Buy a Waja

You can buy wajas that you see on sale for autobuy in a user's cave, or you can buy directly from the Waja Search. You can find it under Explore. Once you enter the search area you can begin entering whatever specifics you want. Choosing a waja within your price range is important, but so is choosing a waja you find appealing. The different waja Breeds and their stages can be found on the Wajas Wiki by searching Breeds.

As an example, let’s search all waja breeds and stick to a max price of 50,000 WC.

  1. Make sure you choose the bubble next to ‘sale’ and under ‘Y’. Choosing male or female is again personal preference.
  2. Now scroll to the bottom and click the bubble "Sort results by price: WC".
  3. Next hit 'Search'. Then you can scroll down the pages and find a waja that you like!
  4. Click on the image or the name of the waja that you like. Then scroll down that wajas page and click on the purchase button.
    • Note: The search indexes every 15 minutes. You may come across a waja that has been removed from search, or has been sold.
  5. You will see a screen where you will need to confirm the purchase where you can review the price and the thumbnail of the waja
  6. A confirmation message will appear stating that you now own the waja.

Purchasing guide walk through originally written by Inac (#3126) and altered for clarity and updates to the search changes.

How do I Make a Custom Waja

First, you will need a token. Tokens are bought with CWP, which you can earn by buying with WC from the user shops or purchasing it directly from the site with USD via Paypal. 1 CWP = $1 USD.

  • Silver tokens allow you to create a custom with 2 markings or mutations
  • Gold tokens allow you to create a custom with 3 markings or mutations
  • Diamond tokens allow you to create a custom with 4 markings or mutations. They are rarely stocked in the Token Shop during special releases with the exception of the Diamond Token Mystery explained below.

Note: Not all breed tokens are available year round.

More information of the steps of how to use a token is found on the Custom Wajas page.

The Token Shop's main stock of common tokens is Silver (20 CWP) and Gold (30 CWP) tokens of the following breeds: Normal, Corsie, Egyptian, Fire, Tempest, Imp, Spitz, and Mystery Tokens.

The token shop also occasionally stocks token packages called Star Packages, which will give you two tokens of the given breed (token color is determined by star package color; silver, gold or diamond) along with one breed changer item for that breed. You can see the list of Breed Changers below.

The token shop also stocks mystery tokens. When purchased, they will automatically transform into a token of a breed chosen at random and inserted into your inventory. All breeds are possible with mystery tokens, but they are chosen at random, so buy with caution.

Limited Breeds

  • Divines are sold on July 3rd or 4th, silver (50 CWP), gold (60 CWP), and sometimes diamond (70 CWP). Star Packages are also put on sale: Silver Star Package Divine (100 CWP), Gold Star Package Divine (120 CWP).
  • Banes are sold in October every year, Silver (20 CWP) and Gold (30 CWP).
  • Earths are limited releases that are normally released on Earth Day(April 22nd) and are Silver (25 CWP), Gold (35 CWP), and Diamond (45 CWP)
  • Aerials are limited releases, no word on if/when they will be released again.

Breed Changers

For some breeds that do not have readily available tokens, you will need to use an item to transform a waja into that breed. Most breed changers are only release occasionally in the CWP Shop or in Star Packages, with a few exceptions. Plastic Wajas are found randomly while playing Fish-a-Waja and Frogs are obtained when you purchase the year account Upgrade. Each breed has its specific breed-changing item, as follows:

How do I breed Wajas

More information can be found in the main article Breeding Guide.
Breeding wajas is very complicated! For now, we will go over the basic steps of the process. However, you should always keep in mind that there are more things that impact breeding. This will be gone over more at the bottom, but let’s get to the basics. First, you either need to buy a waja of the opposite gender or find a stud of the opposite gender in which to breed to.

Breeding Your Own Wajas

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  1. First you need a love pear to breed wajas. Pears are a magical fruit. They all do lots of different things! You should have learned all about the different types earlier in the help guide.
  2. Your next step is to pick out the parents! In this example, I will be breeding two Turnip themed wajas together.
    • Don't forget, you can use a Gender Pear if you have two wajas that would make great pups together, but both are the same gender.
    • When picking wajas to breed there are many things you need to consider such as colors, markings, and mutations! While this guide is only covering the basics, I would like to recommend using the color mixer to figure out what colors will make pretty offspring!
  3. Once you have picked out the parents, choose one of the parents and click the 'Breed?' button on the page.
  4. You'll then be taken to the breeding screen where you can review all the information for the breeding.
    • The comment box is used for requests to other users as explained in the section below. You can write yourself a little note here, however it'll vanish into the abyss!
    • If for any reason you would like the pups to go to a different user, you would select "Player" here and input that users ID into the box below. Do not input anything into the user ID box otherwise.
      • Some users practice what's called "in cave breedings" where sending a pear and picking the parents from the users cave allows you to have the wajas. Typically if anyone is currently offering this service, they'll post a thread in either the Newbie Giveaways or regular Giveaways.
    • Select here the type of pear you would like to use as well! The major difference between the two pears is what colors the pups will be when they are born. Please review the pear topic above for more clarification.
  5. Find the waja you are wishing to breed with and click the bubble beside it. If you have your waja in a group, you will have to choose the group the waja belongs in to see them.
    • If you cannot find the waja you are looking for, verify that the waja is the opposite gender from the one you are breeding.
  6. Review all information one last time and when you are ready click "Submit". The breeding will be applied instantly and you will get a confirmation message stating the waja is now pregnant.
  7. You can review all information about the breeding on the female's profile. It will display the stud, when the waja will give birth, and where the litter will be going.
    • Sometimes if the server is overloaded or a lot of pups are being born at once, pups will be born later than the suggested time. Be patient if this happens.
  8. When the waja gives birth, you will receive a notification! Congrats on your bouncing baby wajas!

Requesting breedings from other players

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In this example we are going to find a stud for this waja, Turnip.

  1. First you need a love pear to breed wajas. Pears are a magical fruit. They all do lots of different things! You should have learned all about the different types earlier in the help guide.
    • You can get them from the pear shop, but for now, we will cover how to use the shop search. You can find the shop search under "Explore".
    • Once you click on Shop Search, you'll notice a box that you can scroll through. It is in alphabetical order, so we can scroll through to find "Love Pear". After you hit the Submit button you're taken to another page where you can view the different pears up for sale. Breeding can be expensive! If you need a visual, please visit the section above, "Using Shop Search"
  2. Now we want to go back to Turnip and look at her markings. You want to breed Wajas with similar markings and compatible colors for the best puppy results. You also want to look at mutations. Many people won’t buy wajas that may have a lot of overlapping mutations, low marking strength, or has a lot of brown or clashing colors.
  3. On Turnip, I can see that Rear Split is the only marking. She has a lot of visible mutations in different colors that need to be accounted for. So now let’s go to the Wajas search. I’m going to try to find another waja with rear split that also would look well with the theme of the waja. She’s a female, so I’ll need to find a male to breed her to.
  4. We need to visit the wajas search feature, this time to request a breeding with another users waja. I am looking for specifics for Turnip, so I will need to fill out some information.
    • As I don't have any specific breeds I'm looking for, I will not select any breeds, this will give me all available wajas with my search conditions.
    • Since I am looking for a male, I will select the circle under the 'M' next to gender.
    • This is a breeding search, and I am not looking to purchase a waja. I will select the 'Y' blip next to Breeding.
    • Since my waja only has rear split, and I'm not looking to breed a fade at this time, I will only search for other wajas that share 100% opacity rear split.
    • I would like the waja to at least retain it's Tail fluff, to keep the Turnip theme the waja has. I'll choose Tail Fluff Visible to ensure the pups all have Tail Fluff.
  5. Once you have chosen your preferences in mates, click search to see your results. Once you have found one you are interested in breeding with, click the image or the waja name.
    • Wajas that are normally priced at 1 WC for the breeding are usually reserved for other users and are not typically available for normal public breeding. It's best to either check the wajas description, the cave rules, or even perhaps private message the user with a link of the waja in question before requesting.
    • Breeding prices vary from user to user. The breeding price will be deducted when you send the request, so be sure you have enough on hand. If the user declines the request, the held WC will be returned to you.
  6. You can see all of the wajas stats, mutations, and markings unless hidden by the owner. It is best to review the wajas description as well as the users cave rules below the waja to make sure they don't have any special rules regarding the breeding of that waja. Once you have checked out everything, and you think the waja fits the breeding rules, click the 'Breed?' button!
    • Typically if the waja is open for breeding to the public, markings should not be hidden, but if you have any inquiries, you can always private message the user before requesting.
  7. The next page is the breeding request screen! You can verify the cost, write the user a message, choose who the recipient of the pups are, which pear will be used, and the waja you are looking to breed with that stud on this screen.
    • Adding Comments to your breeding is considered polite and sometimes required. Thanking the user, explaining any possible concerns, and/or possibly putting in a secret word that might be in the users breeding rules will all be things you can put here.
    • Next, you'll want to choose who the pups will be delivered to. It automatically is set for "mother" so if you do a Reverse Breeding (Breeding a male to someone's female) make sure to change this field.
    • Next step is to choose the pear type. It defaults to a Love Pear, but Ancient Love Pears can be used as well. Keep in mind the user who has the female waja will have the pear taken from their inventory.
      • Make sure, and this is very important, if you have the female you have the pear you choose in your inventory. Most users will decline the request if you do not have one.
      • In the case of a reverse breeding(explained above) be sure to read their breeding rules as the user will most likely require the love pear of choice to be sent to them.
  8. Select the waja you were wanting to breed with the stud (in my case, Turnip), triple check all of the fields above are filled in the way you'd like, then click submit. You'll then receive a message stating that the breed request was sent and awaiting the other user to accept.
    • Note:While the request is in limbo waiting for the other party to accept, any dyes, pears, or other related changes will be applied in the breeding. The breeding is generated at the time of the other parties acceptance.
  9. You will be notified when your breeding request is accepted. If a breeding is declined, you will not be notified. So if you are wondering the status of the breeding, check the "Breeding Requests" menu located on the side bar from the "Home" tab screen. If you do not see the request under "Outgoing Breed Requests", it was most likely declined.

Pup Stages

Important information about breeding wajas is knowing how the aging system works for your pups. The stages are the following:

  • Age 1-4: Baby image of waja. The image does not reflect how the adult will look.
  • Age 5-11: Adolescent image of waja. The image reflects only the base coat color of the adult.
  • Age 12+: Shows the adult image of the waja. All Markings and Mutations are visible.
  • Age 20+: The waja can breed.
    • Note: Wajas cannot die and will never be too old to breed, otherwise poor Somadar would be in big trouble!
    • Using an Age Pear will bypass all stages and instantly give the waja its adult image and breeding abilities.
    • You must refresh the pup's image to see the teen or adult stage. Click the image and then hit ctrl+f5 for PCs or Command+R if using a mac.

More information and examples of the baby waja art can be found on the Life Cycle of a Waja page.

Breed Dominance

Another important topic to understand while breeding wajas is breed dominance. Breed Dominance is the likelihood that you will receive one breed or the other when breeding two different breeds of wajas. All breeds can be bred with all breeds. The last verified dominance test recorded the following dominance: (Listed most common to rarest)

  1. Normal
  2. Corsie
  3. Fire/Breedless
  4. Egyptian/Aerial/Spitz
  5. Bane
  6. Plushie/Tempest/African
  7. Water
  8. Earth
  9. Imp
  10. Forest
  11. Divine

More information regarding the current meta of breed dominance can be found on the Revised Breed Dominance page.

Selling Wajas

Selling wajas is a major source of income for many players. It's really easy too! Pricing can be a little harder. You have to slowly experiment and play to see what things are worth. Though as a new player, your wajas may not be very well-sought out for. They may take a while to sell, but have patience!

  1. Now click on the waja you want to put up for sale. Scroll down the page to its details.
  2. Now enter the price in the right area and click the confirmation box.
  3. Next hit 'Update'.
  4. Your waja is now for sale.

Thanks to Inac(#3126) for this section

Transferring Wajas

Transferring is used to send a waja to another player.

  1. First you need the ID of the player. This can be obtained by going to the players profile.

From there, you can check the URL above to find the id number. It is the numbers displayed after the equal sign.

  1. After that, go the page of the waja you want to transfer. At the bottom of the profile along with the wajas details, you'll click on the "Transfer" tab.
  2. Next, enter the ID of the person you want to send it to.
  3. Then hit transfer, and your waja is on it's way to a new owner!
  4. You can check the status of the transfer under "Home" then "Your Transfers" then "Wajas".
  5. You will then be notified when the user accepts your transfers. Congratulations! You just transferred a waja!

Thanks to Inac(#3126) for this section

What is the OWF


OWF stands for Obsessed Waja Fan. The OWF is a non-player character (NPC) created by Apollo, the owner of Wajas, to perform an essential site function: the deletion or compression of wajas.

What is deletion or compression?

Deletion is the complete removal of a waja and a waja's data from the Wajas servers. Deletion is only performed on wajas that have no offspring. Compression is the removal of most of a waja's information and the replacement of that waja's image with a generic breed image. For each breed there is one compressed image. Even if there are 50,000 Africans that have been compressed, there is only one image for all of them, instead of 50,000 individual and unique images.

Why delete and compress?

Wajas is a browser-based game hosted on servers, unlike other video games that have their files stored on your computer. There are over six and a half million wajas...each one with their own unique image. There is only so much space available on the servers. Sadly, that means we don't have space for every waja. Therefore, in order to keep up with six and a half million wajas, the game needs either more server space (very expensive!) or some wajas have to be removed from the game. The admin of our game is awesome enough to let us choose which wajas are removed and which ones we keep. This way they don't have to randomly delete pets, and we can keep the ones we love while deleting our mistakes.

But the wajas are still there!

The deleting and compressing of wajas is not an immediate process. First, the wajas sit in the OWF's cave for a month. After that, they are deleted or compressed in turn. It may take a while for this to happen. With a compressed waja, some of the information will still be there, but the amount of space the waja takes up is greatly reduced by the use of a single generic breed image instead of a unique image for each waja.

Other Reasons to OWF Wajas

One of the best things about the OWF is that poorly marked, badly colored, inbred, or otherwise generally unappealing and unwanted Wajas are the ones that get OWF'd most often. This not only saves server space, but removes them from the game itself, including the Waja Search. This makes it easier to find wajas you actually WANT, since you spend less time looking through pages and pages of the same unappealing and unwanted wajas. Everybody makes mistakes while breeding, and pups don't always turn out the way you planned, but when you OWF your mistakes instead of trying to sell them, it helps you AND the site!

Why was the waja I sold OWF'd?!

There are some people on Wajas known as "OWFers." They buy wajas for sale and send them to the OWF, often losing money in the process. Most OWFers buy and OWF cheaper wajas. Each OWFer has their own reasons for OWFing a waja. Some people even try to resell wajas they have bought, but may OWF them if no one buys. OWFers are not official Wajas staff...they are just regular players who feel that the need to remove some wajas from the server and the search is important.

What can I do about people OWFing the wajas they buy from me?

You cannot prevent people from purchasing your wajas and OWFing them. Once a waja has been bought by another player, you have no say in what they do with that waja. If you think a waja is pretty and don't want to see it go to the OWF, pricing it higher than 100,000 WC might help. If somebody wants to pay that much for it then they are far more likely to enjoy the waja when they buy it than simply send it to the OWF. You can also screen buyers by selling through the forums rather than putting your wajas on autobuy.

  • Private Messaging a user and insulting them for their decision to OWF is a reportable offense. If you truly do not understand why a user had OWF'd your waja and would like to question them why, it is wise to be polite instead of angry. Most users are very happy to help newbies and explain why the waja was OWF'd if asked politely.
    • An example would be "Hello! I am new to wajas and I was wondering why the waja I had for sale was OWF'd to help better understand how to breed my wajas. (insert link of waja here)" The suggested Private Message topic would be "Breeding Help".

If someone OWFs a waja I bred, does this mean they think it's ugly?

Not necessarily! While most of the wajas that are sent to the OWF are the ones people find unappealing, that isn't the only reason they're sent there. To some people, the waja itself doesn't make any difference- ugly or pretty, low gen or high gen, they'll OWF anything. A lot of people have sent gen 2s, or even customs to the OWF! Sometimes they do this to keep a bloodline rare, and sometimes they're just trying to clear out their caves without dealing with sales. There's a LOT of reasons people get rid of wajas, so don't take it personally!

How do I OWF

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  1. Enter the Explore tab and locate the house labeled "OWF's House".
  2. On the screen you can review all the information about the OWF.
  3. Select the waja(s) you wish to send by clicking the bubble next to them.
    • Some people create Cave Groups to separate their OWF wajas from their other wajas. This is handy in preventing accidentally sending the wrong wajas to the OWF, which staff cannot help with.
  4. Once you have made your selections, you simply click 'Submit' and the reward for OWFing wajas are instantly added to your account and a confirmation message is displayed on the screen.
    • Make sure to triple check your selections. Wajas sent to the OWF cannot be returned.

Thanks to Fox(#80428), Lammy(#772), Meghan(#498), Pipster(#15504), Schwarzwald(#29193), and Ember(#166319) for writing up the OWF section, with minor edits made by the wiki.

Equipping an Item to Your Waja

There are two ways to go about equipping items to your waja.

Equipping Accessories

Via Inventory

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Use the Home menu and find "Your Inventory" in the side bar to access your inventory. You should see a grid with thumbnails of all the items in your possession. If (like me) you have hundreds and hundreds of items, you can narrow down the selection you are looking through with the drop-down menu above the page numbers. Most items you equip will fall under the Accessories category. There are separate categories for all major types of items. Once you've located the item you wish to equip to your waja, click on the thumbnail picture.

A small menu will appear, with options reading: "Equip," "Transfer," "Sell," "Auction," "Trade," "Discard," and "Cancel." Click on "Equip."

The next screen should be a list of your wajas, you may need to click into the appropriate cave group via the drop down menu to find the waja you are looking for.

If you're certain about equipping the item, mark the little white circle with a click next to the waja you'd like to put the item on. Then click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen. You should be taken back to your inventory page, with a message bar along the top saying "You have put (item) on (your waja)." The waja's name will be a link to its profile page. Click it to view your waja. If the item is not showing up on the waja, you may need to refresh the waja's image. Click on the image, and a green notification bar should appear saying "Waja's image has been reset! You may need to refresh your browser (press the F5 key) to see the changes." If your screen still isn't showing the item on your waja, you might need to physically refresh the page. Press F5 or Ctrl + F5 to clear your cookies. When the image reloads, it should show the item.

Via Profile Page

This method is a lot simpler if you have a large inventory, or plan to equip several items to a waja at once. Go to your waja's profile page. Just above the Breed button should be a drop-down menu. Select the item you wish to equip, then click "Equip." This time, a green notification bar appears at the top of the page saying, "(Item) has been equipped to this Waja!" Now all you have to do is reset and refresh (as describe in the method above) and you'll be all set.

Moving an Item Above Another

Sometimes an item won't show up the way you want. Maybe it is showing up under your waja's mutation, when you wanted it on top of the mutation. or maybe it is hidden by another item, and you'd like to rearrange them.

Go to your waja's profile page. There's a section of the profile for Equipped Items. Next to the header is a link that says "[Manage]". Click it. You'll be brought to a list of the items equipped to your waja. Next to each item will be a few different buttons.


  • [^] Moves the item up one layer. Items at the top of the list appear on the top most layer of the waja. The lower an item in the list, the lower it appears on the image.
  • [v] Move the item down one layer. Items lower on the list appear closer against the wajas body.
  • [vB] Moves the item below the waja's body.
  • [^B] Moves the item above the waja's body.
  • [vM] Moves the item below any mutations. The default settings put all items above mutations.
  • [^M] Moves the item above any mutations.
  • [X] Removes the item from your waja.

Once you've re-arranged the items to your liking, you'll have to go back to the waja's page and reset/refresh again if the changes have not updated. Hopefully, you'll have all your items in order!


My item still isn't showing up! I refreshed and reset the image already, why can't I see it?
Try clearing out your browser's cookies. Web browsers tend to remember image files, and might have trouble with refreshing. In your Tools option, you should be able to select an option called "Clear Private Data," "Clear Cache," or "Delete Cookies." Then try refreshing the page.

If you are still having trouble getting your item(s) to show up on your waja, you should submit a report to the modbox and wait for a moderator to address your issue.


Equipping a wallpaper is much the same as equipping any other item via inventory. You select the wallpaper, click "Equip," and select which waja you'd like to equip it to. Don't forget to reset the image and refresh. A lot of people with questions about wallpapers and items simply forgot (or didn't know) to reset the image.

To remove a wallpaper, you have to find the "Wallpaper" tab on the waja's profile page. It is in the same area as the waja's details, along with other tabs for transferring, retiring, etc. Clicking on the Wallpaper tab should show you a thumbnail of the equipped wallpaper.

Underneath it is a link that says "Remove (and return it to your inventory)". Once you've done that, you can reset the image again and the wallpaper will be gone.


What are Pears and Stats



A wajas individual stat is found on the wajas page, right above the Markings section.

  • LQ - Litter Quantity. The higher the LQ, the greater chance there is you'll get more than one pup in a litter. LQ is increased using Normal Pears.
  • MU - Mutation Percentage. The higher this stat, the higher the chance that mutations, either carried or shown, will pass from parent to pup. MU is increased using Strange Pears.
  • MG - Male Gene. The higher this stat, the greater chance there is of getting male pups in a litter. MG is increased using Male Pears.
  • IN% - Inbred Percentage. This shows how inbred a waja is. Currently, only Parent x Offspring and Sibling x Sibling is causing an IN%. IN% is lowered using Ice Pears.

The two wajas I want to breed have different stats! How do I know what the pup's stats will be?

The pup's stats will be somewhere within the range of their parents' stats. Usually it's about the average, but if there's a big difference (say one waja has 0 LQ and the other has 100), it usually leans toward the mother's percentage (so if the mother had 0 LQ and the father had 100, the pup's will probably come out around 10, 20, or 30). If both parents have 100 LQ, the pups will have 100 LQ.

If I feed a pear to my waja while she's pregnant (or the stud is fed pears), will the new stats effect the pups?

No. Once two wajas are bred, the pups are generated. Any stats the pups will have will be determined by the parent's stats at the time of the breeding.

Inbred Percentage

What's so bad about the IN%

The IN% doesn't do anything right now, except say the waja is inbred. Some people don't like the idea of inbreeding, so won't buy a waja that is inbred.

Where do I get Pears?

Alternatively, pears can be purchased from the user shops, trades, and Userheld Auctions.

The Pear Shop

The pear shop is located under the "Explore" tab, and is found inside the "Shops" section of the map in the "Pears" booth with the pink waja. The shop restocks at :02, :17, :32: and :47 past each hour and stocks a differing quantity of each pear for a different price each restock. Under typical situations it is very hard to get a pear unless you are ready and refresh the page right at the restock time. During breeding challenges the pear quantities are raised by Estuko and pears do not sell out as fast.


Dyes are items used to place a new marking on a waja, and can be used on any waja at any time. The name of the dye refers to the name of the marking it adds. Restockable dyes are available in the Dye Shop. Dyes that do not restock in the Dye Shop are called Non-shop Dyes or Out Of Shop Dyes (OOS Dyes), and are re-released occasionally in the CWP Shop but otherwise must be obtained through User Shops. Once added, a dye can never be completely removed (though you can re-dye the same marking to change the color or opacity of the marking.) Not all markings are available as dyes. It is worth learning what markings are available as dyes, as they will assist you when trying to find mates for wajas and also when designing wajas in the Custom Demo. Some markings are available as both token markings and dye markings.

  • For more information on the differences on how to get certain dyes and a full list of dyes available, please visit the page Dyes on the wiki.

Dye Shop

The dye shop is located under the "Explore" tab, and can be found in the "shops" section in a booth ran by a blue and tan waja. The shop restocks at :02, :17, :32: and :47 past each hour and stocks a single dye for a different price each restock. Not all of the dyes available in the Dye Shop will stock at once, so it's possible to go several restocks without seeing the one you desire. The following list of dyes are considered "in shop" dyes and most are fairly affordable to new players and their projects.

Applying a Dye

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  1. Go to your inventory and find the dye that you want to use. In this case, it's the Large Dorsal Streak dye.
  2. Click on the dye, and a list will pop up. Click on "Use." Select the waja that you want dyed from the page that comes up and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Type the hex code for the color that you want the dye to be in the box at the top (if you want the marking to be rainbow, just type in RAINBOW. Chrome is also available by using CHROME). The box next to it lets you select the strength of the marking, from 1% to 100%.
  4. Select which layer that you want the dye on. Putting the dye at the bottom of the list, where it says "TOP," will put the dye on the top layer of markings. Putting the dye on the top of the list, where it says "BOTTOM," will put the dye on the bottom layer under all of the other markings. You can also put the dye on any layer in between. Here I want to put my dye above the Belly, but below the Small Dorsal Streak.
  5. Click "Preview" at the bottom of the page to make sure you've put the dye on the right layer, and that everything is how you want it.
  6. If everything is how you want it, click "Create." It will take you back to your waja's page and you will have a message that the marking has appeared on your waja. You may have to reset your waja's image to show the new marking (Click on the waja's image, and if the marking still doesn't show once it reloads, press Ctrl+F5).
  7. Congratulations, you've got a shiny, newly dyed waja!

Apply Dyes walk through Courtesy of Jen (#411)

Dye and Markings FAQ

Where do you get all those color codes?
A lot of people use off site sources such as Colour Lovers or Color Hex to get a good idea of a color scheme to follow after. However, in no way do you need to use and follow a palette generator to find hex codes, and you can simply use the pop out tool when you click the hex code section to select your own colors.

Can I remove a dye marking from a waja?
No, you can't remove dye markings from a waja. You can, however, apply the same dye over the dye you want to remove. You can make the new dye marking the same as the base color so that it doesn't show up on the waja. Now, with the option of choosing opacity, you can also make the new marking have a strength of 1%. It typically will not pass on to the offspring, however there is always a chance it will.

If you dye a waja while it's pregnant, will the dye carry over to the pups?
No, the pups are generated when the parents are bred. If you dye a waja while it's pregnant (or your stud is dyed while your female is pregnant), the dye will not pass on to the pups. In subsequent breedings, the dye will carry over to the pups.

Can I redye a waja so that the dye is in a different layer? Yes. If you don't like the layering of a dye, you can reapply the same dye and put it on the layer where you want it.

Are there any dyes that are also available on the Custom Creator?
There are dyes that are also available via the custom creation tool when using a token. Please review the "Token Markings" section of the Dyes page for a complete list.

When I click "Preview" the dye doesn't show up on the right layer, but I know I clicked the right one, will the dye show up wrong?
Sometimes the preview does this. Apply the dye anyway if you're sure you clicked the right layer. Most of the time it shows up on the right layer when applied, even if the preview was wrong. If it doesn't show up on the right layer when applied, you can post on the relevant thread in the [Glitches forum] for dye layering fixes, or you can private message a silver-feather moderator directly with your problem. Do not breed your waja if the dye is applied incorrectly, as that will compromise the waja being eligible for marking fixes.

I messed up applying a dye! How can I fix it?!
Follow the same rules as stated above and as long as it's eligible, it will be fixed. Keep in mind there are some things that mods cannot fix as stated in this sticky. Please be advised to check and triple check your design before clicking create! Even though the mods are here to help us it's best to take full caution before clicking create to help reduce their workload.

Tips On How to Make WC

Selling Wajas

Breed wisely, have at least one marking in common. Fades can be beautiful, but if you are breeding 2 wajas that have nothing in common you most likely will be getting a pup with all 10/20 in strength. Make sure the colors will go well together. Wajas now has its own Color mixer to help you determine this before breeding.

Advertise! Post pictures in all the wanted ads that your wajas qualify for, make a sales thread, put "Sales" in your cave name, just make it known that you are selling wajas! You may find it is better to have one cave strictly sales or to have a designated group in your cave for sales. Be sure to have your sale stock neatly in one section if you don't have a sales cave, as you are more likely to sell something if people don't have to dig around to find what you're selling.


Pears are great for profit, and depending on the pear, you may make 2-3x your money back. Do your research. Check out how much they are selling for before you restock, this way you will aim for the ones that will gain you the most money. During breeding events, the amount of pears can be raised per restock, thus making pears easier to grab. Typically during this time, it's hard to restock for WC but bulk orders or Userheld Auctions for CWP still can sell well. Again, it's best to do your research before restocking pears to make sure you'll get the most out of your money.

Dyes are also good to restock since they stock singley and not all dyes stock at the same time. Shop dyes have a price range at which they restock: Some dyes restock at 250k one time and the next 450k. Buy low, sell high. You may also be able to sell some in-shop dyes for CWP to users who are short the WC to purchase them. Bulk cheap dyes also have the potential to sell for CWP in Userheld Auctions.


See a huge gap in prices when you are searching for an item? Snatch up those lower priced items and sell them for higher. Some items will take longer to sell then others, so make sure it will be worth buying them. For example: you see 30 normal pears being sold for under 100k and the next price up is 200k. Buy them and sell them for 200k. Whereas you see 5 gold earth tokens for 70CWP and the next one is 100CWP, I wouldn't buy those to resell. Not many people are looking for them, so it would take a long time for you to get your profit, if ever.

Wajas are also great for reselling. Pick up a 50k waja and resell it for 90k, earning 40k profit. Pick up 5 more 50k wajas and sell them for 90k, and you'll get a 200k profit. This can be tricky depending on the market for wajas however, so do resell wajas at your own risk.


Collect those leaf points, sell them or use them to buy the monthly items. If you pay close attention there are certain times that the leaf points sell for higher than others. If you can, get a year upgrade so you can also sell your frog if you want.

Hoard Items

That item that everyone got for free and is selling for 10k now will sell for more later. If it is a one time use item, it normally gains value faster than regular items. Monthly items and Leaf Exchange items gain value as time passes as well.


If you have it, use it. There are many people who buy art on wajas. Set up a thread, display your work, and work on building your reputation as an artist. Thread Coding, Banner Making, and Waja Designing are other talents that are highly sought after and paid for, as well!


Play all the games daily and the trivia as it updates. It will all add up. A list of games and help articles related to the games can be found on the Games page.

Junk Items

Many users buy Junk Items in bulk because of the Raccoon King Shop RKP trade in system. More information about this is located in the Mining Cave section below.

Using the Bank

The bank is located under the Explore menu. This is where you can put your wc when you are saving it, or just when you don't want to have so much on hand.

Money Making walk through originally written by Q (#168734) and altered for clarity and updates to certain site functions.

The Mining Cave and the Raccoon King

The Mining Cave is a feature located on the map in the Explore tab. It's the mountain dead center on the top of the map, so it isn't too hard to miss. If you are new to wajas, there should be three cave openings available to you when you enter. The caves are; Cave of Shadows (the dark cave to the left), Glowworm Cave (The teal colored cave in the lower center), and the Sparkling Grotto (The white shining cave in the upper right). It's important to know as a new user, you will only be able to access the Cave of Shadows first. The glowworm cave requires a waja with a mining level of at least 25, and the Grotto requires a waja with at least a 45 mining level. The Raccoon Forest, Raccoon Throne Room, and Murky Forest are other caves that will become available after you have started the Raccoon King Plot, which will be explained below.

Mining Cave Basics

What are the benefits to Mining?

Mining is a great source of free items! You can find anything from Accessories, Wallpapers, even Critters and other catch-able pets! The best part is, digging is free! As a new user, you will start with 40 digs. However, if you become Upgraded you will receive 80 digs daily.

Later after completion of the Raccoon King Plot, a special currency and a brand new shop is open to you! The Raccoon King Shop uses Raccoon King Points (RKP) in exchange for the items available. RKP is gathered by trading in Junk Items, which after unlocking the store, you should have a lot of spare and unwanted items laying around!

  • Junk Items and selling items from the Raccoon King Shop can become quite profitable for new users! There are plenty of users new and old who purchase bulk junk items for CWP, or pay high amounts of CWP for the valuable items from the exchange (such as the Dyes and DNAs).

How do I Mine?

  1. First you'll need to set your mining waja. To do so, you'll need 10,000 WC. Once you have the WC, If you enter the mining cave you should be prompted to set a mining waja. Just click the bubble beside whichever waja you choose. There is no advantage to choosing one breed over another, all wajas have the same probabilities in the cave.
  2. Once you got your mining waja set, click on the dark cave entrance to the left, the Cave of Shadows. As explained before, it's the only entrance you'll have available to you at this time.
  3. Upon entering, you'll see your mining waja to the left, and the cave with arrows on the right.You can see how many digs you have left and your wajas current mining level above the mining image. Your goal is to click an arrow to receive an event. The event can be, but isn't limited to, these types of actions:
    • No Action (Uses a dig, but nothing is gained)
    • Gain or Lose a Mining Level
    • Gain or Lose WC
    • Gain or Lose Digs
    • Gaining Items
    • Ability to Capture Pets
    • Meeting Wajas that are for sale
    • Links to other users Caves
    • If you receive the event with the injured bird, please jump down to the Raccoon King Plot section below before proceeding to see if you are ready to start the plot line.
  4. After you have been digging for awhile, you'll eventually run out of digs and the game will no longer allow you to click arrows and get events. Once you have completed your digs, digs will recharge at the rate of 1 dig per every 30 minutes. Any unused digs will be reset at Midnight Wajas Time (EST) and will not roll over to the next day.

More information may be found on the Mining Cave page. A list of all Mining Cave items can be found on the Mining Cave Items page.

Raccoon King Plot and Shop

After you've spent some time in the Mining Cave, you'll notice an event with an injured bird. This event starts the beginning of the Raccoon King Plot. Please visit the Raccoon King Plot page for more information on how to proceed through the plot line. It is important to know before proceeding with the plot, you will temporarily lose access to some of your inventory items, as the raccoons will "steal" them. The items will be given back at the end but be advised it could take you awhile to get them back depending on how fast you proceed through the plot.

  • If you are not ready yet to start the plot line, you can simply "Ignore" the bird. It will still pop up occasionally, just continue hitting ignore until you are ready to continue with the plot.
    • By not doing the plot, you will not have access to the RKP turn in system and shop, as well as the other two mining entrances, so you are missing out on some key functions of the mining cave. You are not required, however, to complete it and users can still play the website as intended.

Raccoon King Shop

Once you have completed the crown (view Raccoon King Plot for more info) you will have access to a new shop called the Raccoon King Shop. The function of this shop is to trade in unwanted items for a currency called Raccoon King Points(RKP). The exchange rate is 1 item for 1 RKP. The RKP is in turn used for an exclusive Shop that has Accessories, Dyes, Wallpapers, and even Dyes and DNAs! Each item has a specific amount of points required, so you may have to save up for awhile to get some of the more valuable items. The shops inventory occasionally has new additions or removals, so the inventory is always shifting.

Pear Tree and the Leaf Exchange

Pear Tree

The pear tree is where you can gather a specific currency called Leaf Points. The Pear Tree will only allow Upgraded users to collect leaves, and can be found under the Explore menu as the Large Tree in the middle of the map. An upgraded user can gather two leaves a day, and resets at Midnight Waja Time (EST).

  • Users who are not upgraded can still purchase leaves from the User Shops.

The following leaves are available:

Leaf Exchange

The Leaf Exchange is a special shop that only uses Leaf Points as currency. A user does not have to be Upgraded to purchase items from the shop if they purchase the leaves from the User Shops. The leaf exchange's stock does rotate monthly. New items are typically added and the previous months items may or may not be removed, so it's recommended to purchase an item you want sooner than later.

Using Shop Search and Pricing Items

Using Shop Search

Click to Expand

In this section, I am going to teach you how to use the User Shops. The user shops are your main way of selling items to other users. If you are ever unsure of the value of an item, the first place to check is the user shops. Do keep in mind, some items may be bought cheaper in the regular Shops, so it's worth noting what is available through the shops, and what are not.

  1. You will find the "Shop Search" button under "Explore".
  2. Once you click on Shop Search, you'll notice a box that you can scroll through. It is in alphabetical order, so we can scroll through to find "Love Pear". If you are sure of the spelling of the item, you can click on the first item and type the first few letters to jump to the item.
  3. If you have a certain price range, you can set a minimum price and a maximum price in the boxes. Otherwise, it will show you lowest price listing and ascend through the rest of the listings.
  4. Users can set an item to be for sale for either WC, CWP or both. Keep in mind that some items may be cheaper by purchasing with CWP rather than WC, or vice versa depending on CWP conversion prices.
  5. After you hit the Submit button you're taken to another page where you can view the different listings for love pears up for sale. As stated above, unless you have chosen a range, listings are sorted from cheapest listing to most expensive.

Pricing Items

When pricing items, you must take into consideration both the Shops prices and the User Shop prices of the items. The method on how you receive the item is also very important. For example, an item that is found in the mining cave is going to be much less expensive than a retired wallpaper that is no longer found in any Shops for currency. If an item is retired, or not currently available through any Shops, the only way to purchase said item is through the User Shops. Items that are retired will normally fetch a much higher price than items are readily available, and typically the older an item is, the more you can sell it for. The choice is yours whether to sell low, or sell high. If your item is the cheapest, it is much likely to be sold faster than an item that is four or five listings down the line. Of course, there is always variances depending on supply and demand, so it's up to you to discover your own method and decide how you'd like to make a profit from said item.

Auctions, Raffles, and Trades

Auctions, raffles, and trades are all ways to get and to sell items or wajas. There are certain site features that allow them automatically, or you can use the forums to host/participate in yourself.


Site Userheld Auctions

The Auction House offers a system which users can auction off their items for WC or CWP. The Auction House is found under the Explore menu in a cave on the right side of the map. This is another great way to earn currency on the site. There is currently no option for auctioning wajas, but this could become available in the future. For more information on creating or bidding on auctions, please visit the Auction House page.

Thread Userheld Auctions

Userheld Auctions held via the forums are usually for wajas, but very rarely you might come across a thread for a rare item or art.

  • Waja Auctions are usually found in the Waja Sales topic.
  • Item Auctions are rarely found in the Sales topic.
  • Art Auctions are rarely found in either the Art Sales topic, or the Tag Sales topic.


Site Userheld Raffles

Wajas Raffles offers a system which users can raffle off their wajas for WC, CWP, or items. Raffles are found under the Explore menu in the games tent. For a newbie, you may be able to snag a nice waja for small ticket amounts of WC or Junk Items! This can also be another way to potentially earn currency on the site, however placing wajas up for a raffle is only available to Upgraded users. There is currently no option for raffling only an item, but this could become available in the future. A way around this currently is just equipping the item to a waja and advertising the raffle for the item. For more information on creating or participating in Raffles, please visit the Wajas Raffles page.

Thread Userheld Raffles

Userheld raffles held via the forums are usually for wajas or items, but very rarely you might come across a thread for art.

  • Waja, Item, and rarely Art Raffles are usually found in the Raffles topic.
  • Art Raffles can also rarely be found in either the Art Sales topic, or the Tag Sales topic.


Site Userheld Trades

Wajas offers a trade system through which users can trade their items for the items of other users. Wajas cannot be traded in this way; instead, you should utilize the "Waja Trading" board on the forums if you wish to trade wajas. The Trades feature is located on a small sign below the Wajas Search area on the Explore menu. For more information on setting up or participating in a trade, please visit the Trades page.

Thread Userheld Trades

Trades held via the forums are usually for wajas or items, but very rarely you might come across a thread for art.

  • Waja, Item, and rarely Art Raffles are usually found in the Trades topic.
  • Art, Items, or Wajas for Art trades can also rarely be found in the Art Wanted Ads.

Changing Settings

Main article is located in Settings.

What is my bank PIN?

If you have not created a pin, you can get to it by clicking "Settings" underneath your tag and username, then click the "PIN" tab. You will be prompted to set your PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can go to the Bank and click "Reset my Pin" button.

How Do I Upload a Tag(Avatar)?

Clicking "Settings" underneath your username in the upper left hand corner of your screen will take you to your settings. From there you will click the "Avatar". You'll need to upload an image (.jpeg, .png, or .gif) from your computer that is no larger than 150x150. You will receive a confirmation whether or not the upload is successful.

  • Note: Only accounts that are Upgraded can see their tag/avatar in the forums. If you are not upgraded, users can still see your tag on your profile, but otherwise it will not be visible on the forums.

How do I change my settings for flowers, news, themes, etc?

Click "Settings" underneath your username in the upper left hand corner of your screen to be taken to your settings. From there, you should be on the "Preferences" tab. From here you can check or uncheck the bubbles to the following:

  • Using Tooltips
  • Blocking Random PMs (From people outside of your friends list.)
  • Black Item Transfers
  • Only Show Urgent News (Disables random news posts and possible site contests/games announced via news)
  • FAQ Popups
  • Show and Send Me Flowers (See Flower Patch for more info.)
  • Show Achievements (See Achievements for more info.)


From here, you can also change your theme from a list of created themes for the site. Each one varies in color and does not effect any game play of the site, it is purely aesthetic.

How Do I Change My Password?

Click "Settings" underneath your username in the upper left hand corner of your screen to be taken to your settings. From there, you should click the "Password" tab. From there you change your password.

I have forgotten my username or password!

Send a silver-feather moderator a private message with as much information as you can about the account to prove it is yours, specifically if you know the ID number or e-mail address, as those will make it the easiest for the mod to locate your account information. You can also find a list of the current moderators on the Staff page.

How Can I Change My Display Name, Email Address, Signature or Profile Wajas?"

Click "Settings" underneath your username in the upper left hand corner of your screen to be taken to your settings. From there, you should click the "Profile" tab. Here you can:

  • Change your Display name with a new Nickname. This does not change your login username.
  • Change your email address. Password is required.
  • Change your signature as seen on the forums
  • Change your Wajas Showcase: The wajas seen on your profile (Not to be mistaken for the wajas visible in your cave.)

How do I Upgrade My Account?

Upgrades will get you access to the Pear Tree, Bonus Barn Items, a visible tag on the forums, increased digs in the Mining Cave, the ability to place wajas for Raffle, a small 150,000 WC allowance added to your bank, increased purchasing limits from the shops, and remove ads from the site. Upgrades can be purchased for 3 months for 6 CWP, 6 months for 12 CWP, and 1 year for 20 CWP. A 1 year upgrade will give you a Frog breed changer. You can purchase upgrades by clicking "Settings" underneath your username in the upper left hand corner of your screen to be taken to your settings. From there, you should click the "Upgrades" tab. Choose your upgrade period, click the confirm bubble, and hit "Submit".

  • Note: You will not immediately receive the extra mining digs when upgrading from no upgrade, you will have to wait until midnight est when the digs reset to have increased digs.
  • You can purchase a different length of upgrade before your current upgrade is up. So if you don't currently have the CWP for a year upgrade, purchase a 3 month upgrade, but come into the CWP before the 3 month upgrade is up, you can add an additional year to the remainder you have left and still receive your Frog.

Editing a Thread or Post

Remember, double posting is considered spam on wajas (outside of setting up a thread). At the bottom left of any of your posts, you will find [Edit] that will take you to a screen where you may edit your post.

If you would like to change the topic of a thread you've created, you can do so by 'Edit Topic' underneath the thread title.

Deleting a Post or Thread

As it stands currently, you cannot delete a post or thread. This is to better help moderate Wajas. If you no longer want a thread, you can edit the topic to "Closed" or something similar. If you no longer want a post, you may edit the post similarly. Do keep in mind, moderators can see all changes made to a post so do not do so attempting to cover up a questionable offense.


HTML stands for Hypertext-Markup-Language. It's a design language used in almost every web page you see. HTML is not a programming language, however, and sticks mainly to design alone. Please use the testing thread when practicing any HTML functions. To review what HTML is functional on wajas, please visit the HTML guide located on the wiki.

Important Notes

  • If your post disappears after a certain point, make sure you do not have any < or > used as smiles, hearts or a broken code. Leaving out just one little thing will break the entire code.
  • HTML does not work in signatures, display names, or private messages.
  • If you hit the preview button before posting a new thread, it will not display your HTML in the preview, so you'll need to post the thread and then make any adjustments. I highly recommend right clicking > Select All > Copy, before posting, to save all your work on your computer's clipboard. That way, if your post gets eaten, you can simply paste it back in when you edit, and make any necessary corrections.
  • If you want to post a picture of a waja from the custom demo you must save it on your computer and upload it to Imgur or a similar image hosting site. Linking directly to the custom demo will display a blank waja or the last design the user viewing your image created. If a waja is already created and exists outside of the demo, you CAN use the direct image waja provides by right clicking the waja itself and selecting "Copy Image Address" (may very between different browsers).

Glitches, Abuse, Etc

Daily Pear Game

Staff knows a lot of people say they run into a glitch, but they NEED screenshots from before AND after said glitch happened to you, because so far we've found NOTHING wrong with the code, which various coders have gone through many times. To get a Screenshot hit your Print Screen button on your keyboard and open a program like paint. Go to edit>paste the file>save and upload to a website like Imgur.

  • The pear game is based on Wajas time and resets at midnight Wajas time(EST), not 24 hours since you played it.

Items not showing up or needing to be fixed

If you find an item that doesn't work or needs to be fixed, please report it to the modbox.

Other Glitches

Check to see if there is a thread for the glitch in the Glitches Forum. DO NOT make your own thread there, as only staff may create threads in that forum. Instead, if you do not see a thread for your specific glitch, report it as a Bug in the Modbox.

Harassment, Scams, and Other Abuse

Breakdown of the above content is Bolded and not officially written in the ToS.

If you come across a post in the forums that violates the Terms of Service (ToS) or General Forum Rules, you can bring it to the staff's attention by clicking the "Report Post" button found in the bottom left corner of the post. Please be as specific as possible when submitting the reason for your report.

If you find a violation of the TOS in a private message, you can report it to the staff by clicking the "Report Abuse" button in the lower right corner of the message. You can also submit reports to the Modbox.

Finally, if you are ever in a situation that requires immediate attention from the staff, you can private message an online moderator (this excludes green feathered Artists, they cannot help) buy checking the Who's Online list.

Terms of Service (ToS) Breakdown

Wajas, INC ("", "Http://","", "Wajas", "site") provides its services to you subject to the following Terms Of Service ("TOS"), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. You can review the most current version of our TOS here.

Wajas, INC is an online virtual gaming site involving, but not limited to, virtual pets, it's own virtual currency, virtual items, and other virtual services/properties.

All content, coding, scripts, documents, and other text are copyrighted to Wajas, INC. All graphics and breeds are copyrighted and trademarked to Wajas, INC through the United States Copyright Office. No copyrighted or trademarked content, graphics, text, script can be duplicated, used, sold, edited, claimed without written permission of Wajas, INC.

  • This means Wajas may update or change the TOS without warning or notifying you. It's up to you to check the TOS to keep up with any changes.

Everything on Wajas, including all the images, the breeds, the text, and even the site's code is copyright and you may not use it without permission.

Wajas, INC tries its best to provide a safe site and protect the privacy of all its users. Wajas, INC is intended for individuals over or at least the age of thirteen. Those below this age must provide written consent of parent(s) or guardian(s) prior to registration of account(s), be it by email or message via Wajas, INC. messaging system. As the legal guardian, is it your responsibility to determine if Wajas, INC. is appropriate for your child. In addition, there are no areas that are described and/or specifically restricted as 18 years or above access on Wajas, INC.

  • You have to be thirteen or have the written permission of a parent or guardian to be able to play Wajas. There is no area on Wajas that is "adults only."

When using any services provided by Wajas, INC. that require information, such as registering or purchasing cwp, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Wajas, INC. has reasonable grounds to suspect that said information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Wajas, INC. has the right to freeze your account and refuse any current or future use of services.

  • When you give Wajas information, such as during registration or when buying CWP, you have to give the correct information. If you lie, Wajas can and will freeze you and prevent you from playing again in the future.

All users are granted certain privileges, not rights, that can be taken away at any time for any reason with or without warning or explanation. Privileges include things such as using an account, using services provided through the site such as forums and private messaging, owning virtual wolf-like creatures, applying tasteful and appropriate virtual accessories, virtual wallpapers to said virtual pets, providing descriptions and/or role-playing the virtual pets, and other features included within. Any violation to TOS may result in all privileges being revoked and account permanently frozen. TOS applies to all users regardless of account type ("basic", "upgraded", "forever").

  • Playing Wajas is a privilege, not a right. You can be blocked from using the forums or frozen outright for violating the TOS. Having an upgraded or "forever" account does not mean you can break the TOS and not be frozen.

Occasionally Wajas, INC may offer a sale of "forever upgraded" status of an account. This grants the user the advantage of never having to pay for an account subscription for said account in the future; so long as Wajas, INC stays online and in business. Should Wajas, INC ever shut down, the forever account upgrade is therefore void and no refund will be offered.

  • If you have a forever account and Wajas shuts down, you don't get a refund of any kind. Forever accounts are only good so long as the site is running.

Wajas, INC is a tax paying business and runs on paid services, providing customized virtual pets, and virtual services such as upgraded accounts, the ability to place a tag on account, and visiting locked areas on the site exclusive to upgraded users only. Wajas, INC. is not a nonprofit organization nor does it run on donations. Staff and artists may be paid for specific services or commissions, which include but are not limited to, virtual accessories, virtual wallpapers, virtual pets, or PHP code.

  • Wajas is a for-profit business, not a charity. Staff and artists may be paid for their work.

Wajas, INC. runs solely through PayPal ("") with a verified account business type. Unless stated otherwise, no other payment types will be accepted. (this includes snail mail) Users that plan to or have purchased anything from Wajas, INC. agree that they have permission and right to use the PayPal account in their possession and that they have permission to spend the available funds. User also acknowledges that no refunds will be issued at any time and PayPal Charge backs result in AUTOMATIC PERMANMENT BAN until charge backs are reversed in full or to the satisfaction of Wajas, INC.

  • Wajas ONLY accepts Paypal payments. If you purchase something via Paypal, you're saying that you have permission to use that Paypal account. There are no refunds, and if you make a "charge-back" (ie, calling your credit card company to remove the charge) you will be automatically banned until the Wajas admins say so.

Your use of Wajas, INC services are at your sole risk. These services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

Wajas, INC. reserves the right to shut down, sell, trade or otherwise disown the site at any time, with or without notice, permanently or temporarily at any time. Wajas, INC. also holds the right to make the site private, or inaccessible for whatever reason, be it beta testing, bug fixing or for administrative reasons with or without notice, permanently or temporarily at any time.

  • The Wajas game is provided with no guarantees. You get what you get. The site may shut down or go on hiatus at any time and there's nothing you can do about it.

Wajas, INC. holds the right to confiscate, reclaim, switch out, delete, remove any virtual item or virtual pet from the site with or without notice or permission for temporary or permanent purposes.

Wajas, INC. holds the right to redraw any graphics and/or redesign any features or games within the site.

  • Basically, Wajas can do whatever they want with their content.

User understands that all information, text, photographs, messages, tags, or other materials ("content"), whether publicly posted or privately posted, are the sole responsibility of the person from which the content originated. You, not Wajas, INC. are entirely responsible for all content that you upload, post, email or otherwise make available via Wajas, INC. services.

User agrees to not use Wajas, INC. services to upload, post, transmit, or make available any content that is unlawful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, or invasive of one's privacy. In addition, User will not upload, post, transmit, or make available any content that is stolen, traced, copied, edited, plagiarized, infringes, or otherwise not copyrighted to him/her.

  • Wajas is not responsible for content that you or other users upload or post on Wajas. You are not allowed to post or upload illegal, stolen, or hateful things.

Users may not impersonate any person or staff member or misrepresent affiliation to a person, staff member or entity.

  • You are not allowed to pretend to be a staff member or claim you have some kind of relationship with them that is not true.

Wajas, INC. can not be held liable for any data loss or harm to your computer or hardware while accessing the site.

  • Wajas is not responsible for any computer viruses, worms, etc, that may infect your computer.

Content you submit or make available publicly for Wajas, INC. you grant Wajas, INC. worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license(s). You grant Wajas, INC. the right to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, redraw, publicly display any content you make available.

Unless hired by Wajas, INC., any graphics or photos you provide will not be directly accepted or uploaded. Official Wajas, INC. artists will redraw the graphics and/or photos in question.

By submitting ideas, suggestions, documents, photos or pictures to Wajas, INC. user is responsible that all content does not contain confidential or proprietary information. User agrees that all content automatically become property of Wajas, INC. without any obligation of Wajas, INC. to you. You are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of any kind from Wajas, INC. under any circumstances.

  • Unless you're a staff artist, anything you provide will be redrawn by the staff before becoming an official site item/breed.

Submitting any suggestions, art or ideas you upload or post on Wajas may be used by Wajas. By posting or uploading it to Wajas, you are giving them permission to do this.

You will not provide Wajas with suggestions or ideas that you don't have permission to give. Any suggestions or ideas become the property of Wajas and they don't have to give you any sort of reward or credit for it.

Users are allowed up to two accounts and only two accounts. Users may share accounts, however, the shared account is still considered an account for EACH user. Should the users share one account, they are entitled to ONE other account of their own. Users are held liable for their own actions and the actions of said partner(s). If a partner breaks the TOS and causes the account to be frozen, both users are at fault. Wajas, INC. will not reimburse virtual items, virtual pets, virtual wallpapers, etc. to individuals who claim they "did not do it".

Individuals who wish to have their brother, sister, child, cousin, or other family member join the website may do so. There are no restrictions here. However, the two accounts per user rule still stands. Family members may not team together over any events, games, etc. to get an unfair advantage.

Users may sell or buy Wajas, INC. accounts with virtual currency or virtual items, however, the two accounts per user rule still stands. User must abandon or give away any additional accounts gained after buying new accounts.

Should User lose access to his or her account, they may contact an Administrator to receive access information. User will be required to provide evidence that the account is theirs. Evidence such as virtual items in inventory, messages in inbox, Wajas Credits in bank, or other information that can not be obtained by someone who does not have access to the account. Wajas, INC. staff will NEVER ask for a user's password.

  • You may not have more than two accounts. If you share an account with someone else, it is considered an account for each of you (ie, you may each only have one other account). If your partner gets you frozen, you don't get anything on the account back.
  • Your family may also have two accounts of their own, but they may not help you in games, contests, or any other area where you would gain an advantage from their help.
  • You may buy and sell Wajas accounts with WC or CWP, but if you already have two accounts and you buy one, you have to get rid of one.
  • If you forget your user name or password, you can contact a full moderator or an admin and provide evidence of ownership to regain access to the account. Wajas staff will NEVER ask for your password.

Wajas, INC. provides a public forum to all users for many topics and discussions or debates. The forums are monitored hourly by volunteer moderators. All content is attempted to be child friendly, however, due to different personalities and opinions, Wajas, INC. can not be held responsible for any distress caused by user made threads. It is asked that if a user stumbles on an offensive thread or a violation of TOS it be reported immediately to staff so that action can be taken.

User acknowledges that Wajas, INC. may or may not pre-screen content, has the right to refuse, remove, and/or censor any content to its sole discretion.

  • The forums have volunteer mods. Wajas does not guarantee that you will not get into a conflict or disagreement with what is posted on the forums. Any post in violation of the TOS or that is offensive should be reported immediately.
  • Anything posted or stated on Wajas (in the forums or cave descriptions and rules) may be removed or edited at any time for any reason.

The following rules must be followed while posting on Wajas, INC. and should any user neglect to follow these rules, they may be fined, temporarily banned or permanently frozen from the site.

1. User will not use any extreme swears that most would find insulting or inappropriate. If you are wanting to use a word that you are unsure if its offensive or not, don't use it. 2. No topics about Religion or Politics may be discussed as these topics are usually inclined to start arguments and fights. 3. Absolutely no spamming or begging. 4. No pornography, yiff, yaoi, hentai or other sexual materials may be posted. 5. Be respectful and polite towards all users, including staff and vice versa! 6. All staff members have the ability to enforce the TOS. Users are expected to adhere to instructions rendered, but are allowed to contact another STAFF member to further discuss actions the User feels are unfair. 7. User will not post personal information (Entire Name, Home Address, Phone Number, etc) 8. Upgraded users may not have a tag that exceeds 150 x 150 pixels.

  • You will follow those rules or you may be banned from the forums or frozen outright.

Wajas, INC. allows trading of its virtual goods such as virtual accessories, Wajas Credits ("WC"), Crazy Wajas Points ("CWP"), virtual pets, and virtual wallpapers for other VIRTUAL currencies or VIRTUAL items on other websites that ALLOW TRADING WITH OTHER WEBSITES. Wajas, INC. can not be held responsible for poor decisions or otherwise faulty/scammed trades. Wajas, INC. will not reimburse any stolen/scammed virtual items when involved with other website virtual currency or virtual items.

If evidence is provided that a user has offered, traded, or sold Wajas, INC property for real currency, Wajas, INC. holds the right to freeze all accounts, buyer and seller, involved in the transaction(s).

  • You can only trade Wajas currency for the currencies of other sites that also allow currency trading. You may be frozen if you attempt to buy, sell, or trade anything on Wajas for real life money.

Various features on Wajas, INC. are offered to provide the user a trustworthy and legitimate way to sell and/or trade virtual Wajas, INC. currency, virtual items, and virtual pets with other Wajas, INC. users. Any user that intentionally scams another user will be fined, temporarily banned or frozen for such actions. Where Wajas, INC. will attempt to reimburse any stolen/scammed virtual properties lost on the site due to vicious user(s), there is no guarantee that reimbursement will be successful.

  • Users who scam may be frozen. If you are scammed, you may not get your stuff back.

User may also be held responsible for abusing system glitches or bugs found on Wajas, INC. It is requested that users report all bugs to Wajas, INC. staff and hold any duplicated, illegitimate, or virtual items, virtual pets, virtual wallpapers, etc. that shouldn't exist off to the side so that a staff member can work to resolve the problem.

  • If you find a bug, glitch, or exploit, you should report it. If you continue to use the bug, you may be frozen. If you get something because of a bug, don't use it but hold on to it so that the staff can figure out what to do with it.

Usage of Wajas, INC. signifies that you, the user, have read, understood, accepted and agreed to the above TOS. Any violation of the TOS may result in a fine of virtual currency, temp bans or permanent ban from Wajas, INC. Wajas, INC. holds the right to change, modify, add or subtract any contents of this TOS at any time with or without notice, or explanation. It is the user's responsibility to frequently check the TOS to see if any revisions have been made. If user does not agree, accept or understand the above TOS, user is to immediately cease use of this website.

  • You agree to this TOS just by playing Wajas. If you don't agree to it, then you have to stop playing. If you break or violate the TOS, you may be fined, forum-banned, or frozen. Wajas can make changes to the TOS without telling you. You will need to check the TOS to make sure nothing has changed.

Thanks to Fox (#80428) for this breakdown