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The Egyptian waja is one of the 16 breeds available. Its concept is a waja in the desert, and some users believe it's design is based on pharaoh hound dogs. They are very slim, and seem to glare. They have large, pointed ears and a tuft at the end of their tail. Currently, the shading on the is such that the color turns up muddled and gray, instead of a crisp, clean color that is chosen (i.e. a bright yellow may come out looking grayish), so many users are forced to create their custom Egyptians with eye colors several shades brighter than the color they want. Egyptian Tokens are available at all times in the Token Shop. The Egyptian was a user suggested breed. The Egyptian got a redraw on December 4, 2013.

To change a waja's breed to Egyptian, you can use the Miniature Pyramid item.

Stages of Development

Pup ( 0-5 days ) Adolescent ( 5-12 days ) Adult ( 12+ days )
EgyptianPup.png EgyptianTeen.png EgyptianAdult.png