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Players can "Upgrade" their account to a Gold Status for a duration of 3, 6, or 12 months. To upgrade your account, go to:

Settings -> Upgrades -> Choose Upgrade Period

3 Months = 6 CWP; 6 Months = 12 CWP; 12 Months = 20 CWP

The benefits to upgrading?

  1. Your Avatar can now been seen on forums.
  2. You now have access to the Pear Tree.
  3. You receive a 300,000 WC per week allowance.
  4. You are entitled to receive an item from the Bonus Barn (once a month).
  5. You will not have any more banner ads.
  6. You have a +1 to your buying limit for each item in the NPC shops.
  7. You will acquire a maxed cap of 40 extra digs every day in the mining cave.
  8. You pay less for cave upgrades.
  9. You have a higher chance to encounter the Forum Goblins.
  10. You will be able to place a waja in Wajas Raffles.
  11. You get two additional plays at Balloon Pop at 4,000 WC each.
  12. Allows you to display six instead of three wajas in your Wajas Showcase.
  13. You have the ability to add a tagline under your Avatar.
  14. You will have access to an extended library of Backdrops.
  • If you buy a year upgrade, you will also receive a frog.

Forever Upgrades

During the Wajas trade-in event, FurEva Tickets were sold in the Points Exchange for 2,500 points. These tickets allowed users to permanently upgrade their accounts and gain the "Platinum Waja" account status. Site Staff are also granted Forever Accounts as long as they remain staff.