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The Corsie waja is one of the 16 obtainable waja breeds. It is modeled after the Corgi breed, and appears to be looking happily at the user. It has a short, docked tail and semi-floppy wars, with big eyes. It has an apparent smile, and is lifting one foot up. The Corsie is obtainable by purchasing one of its tokens from the Token Shop.

To change a waja's breed to Corsie, you can use a Shrinking Powder.

On her deviantART, Estuko stated that the name "Corsie" was a mix of the words "Corgi", a type of herding dog, and "Aussie", a person from Australia.

Stages of Development

Pup ( 0-5 days ) Adolescent ( 5-12 days ) Adult ( 12+ days )
CorsiePup.png CorsieTeen.png CorsieAdult.png