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Estuko is the original username of the founder, admin, and artist who who has called herself Apollo (after the site's mascot). Even with her name change, most users still know her as Estuko, since that was her name for so long. Her user ID is 1. As the original Wajas artist, Estuko has done a lot of art for the site including equipable items (accessories, pets, etc.) and site themes. She also draws each and every new breed that the site implements.

Estuko the Waja

Estuko the waja's appearance.

Estuko is also the name of Estuko's waja character, who some believe to be her "persona". Besides being a personal character of the site creator, this waja is special in that it is the only one in existence that has 5 non-dye markings, a feat that was, at the time, impossible with any existing token. This is because Estuko edited the waja herself to give it more markings than should be possible. The Estuko waja is also featured on the site theme "Fall Layout".

It should be noted that it is now possible to create a waja with all five markings of the Estuko waja (Back Stripe, Half Belly, Socks, Ear Tips, and Nose Streak) because on January 9, 2014, the Dye Ear Tips and Dye Nose Streak were added to the site.

Though originally owned by Estuko herself, this waja (ID# 281264) now belongs to full mods Alera & Peri (ID #35).

Estuko's Wajas Art Contributions