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For the Wajas.com site creator/admin who sometimes goes by Apollo, please see Estuko.

The Great Apollo

Apollo is the Wajas.com site mascot. He is the main figure and deity of Lunaria and is featured in site Lore.

Apollo the Waja

Apollo exists in wajas form as The Great Apollo (#8357381). He has a special custom patch that provides him a very unique look. Apollo is owned by site creator Estuko (#1).

The Great Apollo (#8357381), owned by Estuko

Other Apollos

Many Wajas have been made in Apollo's image, but most well-known is Apollo (ID#56762) owned by user Loki ❤ Apollo (ID #60841). Users are encouraged to make their own Apollos to share the love of the site mascot.

Loki's Apollo

Santa Apollo

Most winters the site has been around Apollo has played the role of Saint Nicholas in the Santa Apollo events, during which he gives out gifts to good little users. The only years in which he wasn't featured were 2008 (due to the November 2008 downtime confusion) and 2009 (during which the TIP Event ran).

Apollo during the Santa Apollo event

Site Themes

He is currently in the active themes;

  • Challenger
  • Marsh Hunt
  • Puppies (as a plush)
  • Purple Moon
  • Santa Apollo
  • Summer Relaxin.

He has also appeared in the following retired site themes;

  • Purple Moon(Original)
  • Grand Apollo
  • Winter White

Other Appearances

  • His picture is used as the Slider puzzle image, as well as being featured in the Rune Seek Game puzzle image.
  • You may occasionally see some players using Apollo's name in place of the word "God". Examples include using the phrase "Oh my Apollo" or OMA in place of "Oh my God" or OMG. Other common phrases include "For the love of Apollo", "Thank Apollo" and "For Apollo's sake".
  • The site owner, Estuko, changed her alias to "Apollo" and had an avatar featuring his likeness. She changed back to Estuko in 2014, but may switch between this and "Apollo" in the future.