Dye Mandible Fade

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"Use this dye to give your waja the Mandible Fade marking."
Item Type: Dye
Item ID: 5183
Artist: Sparra
Release Date: November 16, 2019
Release Method: Dye Shop, ~500,000 WC
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Dye Appearance

MandibleFadeAerial.png MandibleFadeAfrican.png MandibleFadeArctic.png MandibleFadeBane.png MandibleFadeCorsie.png MandibleFadeDivine.png MandibleFadeEarth.png MandibleFadeEgyptian.png MandibleFadeFire.png MandibleFadeForest.png MandibleFadeImp.png MandibleFadeNormal.png MandibleFadePlushie.png MandibleFadeSpitz.png MandibleFadeTempest.png MandibleFadeWater.png