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One of the 16 waja breeds, the Divine is the only waja with wings in its base design and has dragon-like whiskers. The Divine was originally called the Celestial Waja when Wajas was an adoptable on Pony Island, but another adoptable had a Celestial variety, so Estuko changed the waja's name to Divine.

The Divine is a limited breed whose tokens are only released in the token shop once a year at some point between July 3rd and July 5th. Tokens are manually added to the Token Shop by Estuko, so the time and date may change from year to year. Breeding-wise, they are the most recessive breed and will generally only produce Divine offspring if mated with another Divine or a Forest.

To change a waja into a Divine breed, use a Celestial Star.

The Divine shading was updated on November 14, 2013. This is a long awaited change, as the previous shading made blacks and many colors very dull on Divines. The eye color of Divines was also updated at this time, as they also had issues of being extremely dull.

Stages of Development

Pup ( 0-5 days ) Adolescent ( 5-12 days ) Adult ( 12+ days )
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