Crazy Waja Points

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"These Crazy Waja Points can be used to create Custom Wajas or spent in stores!"
Item Type: CWP
Item ID: 224
Artist: Estuko
Release Date: UNKNOWN
Release Method: UNKNOWN
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Crazy Waja Points, or CWP, is a form of premium currency on Wajas that can be bought for 1 CWP = $1 USD. CWP can be traded among players, and can be sold in the User Shops.

In order to buy CWP from the site, go to:

World -> Buy CWP. CWP is bought via Paypal, and the transaction must be viable in order to obtain the CWP.

CWP is used in various shops such as the Monthly Item Shop and the Token Shop, and can be used in the User Shops.

You can sometimes obtain CWP from another player in a Giveaway, Auction, or Trade.

CWP packages were introduced allowing you to get bonus CWP for your USD.

  • 25 CWP for $20
  • 55 CWP for $40
  • 150 CWP for $100