Leaf Exchange

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The Leaf Exchange (found under World->Leaf Exchange ) is a special shop where you can buy items with leaf points.

Leaf points can be obtained in two ways:

  1. If you're an upgraded user, you can collect two leaves from the Pear Tree each day.
  2. If you're not upgraded or just need more leaves than you have, you can buy them from other users using the Shop Search.

The Leaf Exchange displays the number of Leaf Points you currently have available to spend at the top of the page. When purchasing items from the Leaf Exchange your lowest value leaves (Brown, then Green, then Blue, and so on...) will automatically be spent first . If you are owed any change it will be paid back with Brown Leaves (worth 1 point each).

Leaf Exchange Items

The Leaf Exchange stock is updated monthly with different wallpapers, foregrounds, and accessories. With rare exception, once an item has left the Leaf Exchange it is not expected to be re-released ever again. The only items in the leaf exchange that are never switched out are:


Each different colored leaf represents a different number of 'points'. Upgraded users can collect leaves twice a day from the Pear Tree.

<gallery widths="80px" heights="80px" perrow="3">


Brown Leaf
Value: 1 Point File:GreenLeaf.png|
Green Leaf
Value: 4 Points File:BlueLeaf.png|
Blue Leaf
Value: 6 Points File:PinkLeaf.png|
Pink Leaf
Value: 7 Points File:RedLeaf.png|
Red Leaf
Value: 9 Points File:PurpleLeaf.png|
Purple Leaf
Value: 10 Points File:SilverLeaf.png|
Silver Leaf
Value: 11 Points File:GoldLeaf.png|
Gold Leaf
Value: 13 Points File:RainbowLeaf.png|
Rainbow Leaf
Value: 15 Points