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Items are things you can use on your waja, and a few other miscellaneous purposes. There are several types, including but not limited to accessories, pears, and wallpapers. These items are stored in your inventory for easy access later. To go to your inventory, click the home tab - inventory. If you wish to use an item, click it for a drop-down menu of options. There are several actions, including equip, feed, use, etc. Items will vary in the options available, i.e. you can't equip a pear, but you can feed it to a waja.

To obtain items, you must either buy them, receive them from users, or receive them for a gift of activity. Items are available in shops, and user owned shops. To go to a shop, click the world tab - shop - shop desired. There are many shops, including pear shop, token shop, etc. To buy an item in the shop, click it and you should buy it. Your WC or CWP required to buy it will be subtracted automatically from your pocket, not the bank. If you don't have enough at hand, then you must visit the bank to withdraw the necessary amount. To buy from a user's shop, click the world tab - shop search - the desired item. This has many, many more options than the regular shop, but are often more expensive.

To sell an item, click the world tab - inventory - desired item - sell. You should then be able to price the item in WC and CWP, afterwards hitting submit will place it in your shop. Other options are the same process, but instead of sell, you'd click the desired action. If an item in your shop sells, money goes directly to your on-hand amount.