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Dyes are items used to place a new marking on a waja, and can be used on any waja at any time. The name of the dye refers to the name of the marking it adds. Restockable dyes are available in the Dye Shop. Dyes that do not restock in the Dye Shop are called Non-shop Dyes or Out Of Shop Dyes (OOS Dyes), and are re-released occasionally in the CWP shop but otherwise must be obtained through the Shop Search. Once added, a dye can never be completely removed (though you can re-dye the same marking to change the color or opacity of the marking.)

Not all markings are available as dyes. It is worth learning what markings are available as dyes, as they will assist you when trying to find mates for wajas and also when designing wajas in the Custom Demo.

Some markings are available as both token markings and dye markings.

Applying a Dye

To apply a dye to a waja, first click on the dye in your inventory and select "Use". You will be prompted to choose the waja you want to use the dye on. Select the waja you want and you will be presented with a page similar to the custom demo or custom creation page. Here you will choose the hex color you want the dye to be (it defaults to FFFFFF white), the strength/opacity you want it to be (it defaults to 100%), and the layer you want the dye marking to be placed on. At any time you can press "Preview" to see what the waja will look like once the dye is applied at the current layer/strength/color. Once you're satisfied, press "Create" and the waja will be dyed.

Dye markings applied to an already pregnant waja will not affect the pups she is pregnant with.

Note: When using a dye marking, the layer order is actually from the bottom up. Thus, if you place a marking at the top of the list it will be the first marking applied to the Waja. Subsequent markings will be layered on top of it. Adding a marking to the very top of the list will actually set the marking on the very bottom, with all other markings on top. Adding a marking to the very bottom of the list will set the marking on the very top above all other markings.

Once applied, Dye Markings behave exactly the same as any other marking and pass on to pups in the same way.

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