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Junk Items are defined as items that are extremely easy to get, that are largely abundant on the site, have no use as an unusable, and/or is any item that can be found in user shops usually under 50,000 WC. Junk items are usually found from mining in the Mining Cave, playing Balloon Pop, and sometimes as Forum Goblins items. While a "junk item" doesn't sound very useful, most of the items do have a use and the usefulness of an item does not categorize it to be or not be a junk item. Items from Accessories to even Wallpapers are considered junk if there is an abundance of them on the site. Junk items are commonly used for tickets in Site Raffles, but also plays a huge part in the Raccoon King Shop as junk can be traded in for RKP to get rare items such as Dyes and DNAs.

Items considered to be junk items are largely changing depending on the market value of the item in the user shops, so this list may not be 100% accurate.

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