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Wallpapers are equipable backgrounds for your wajas. There are many kinds of wallpapers, from beautiful landscape wallpapers to abstract artistic wallpapers to filtered photographs. Some wallpapers can be found in the Wallpaper Shop or the mining cave, but most will be purchasable from other users via the Shop Search. New wallpapers are also frequently released via the Leaf Exchange and Bonus Barn for upgraded users.

On November 27, 2013, Estuko updated all the inventory images of the wallpapers to use one frame, where as before there had been several and they seemed to vary from artist to artist. This was done as part of her efforts to make the site's artwork more consistent.

Equipping and Removing Wallpapers

To equip a wallpaper, simply select it from your inventory and click "equip". This will take you to a page listing all of your wajas. Select the waja you wish to equip the item to, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click "submit". Now go to the waja's page, click its image to refresh the image, and then refresh the page. The wallpaper should now show up on the waja.

To remove a wallpaper, go to the profile of the waja currently wearing the wallpaper. At the bottom of this page will be tabs such as "Details", "Transfer", "Parents", "Offspring". Among these will be a tab labeled "Wallpaper". Click this tab and the wallpaper the waja is wearing will be displayed along with a button that says "remove". Click this button and refresh the waja's image and the page. The wallpaper will be returned to your inventory and the waja will no longer be wearing it.

Breedless Wajas

An example of a breedless waja with a wallpaper attached.

Equipping a wallpaper to a Breedless waja shows the whole wallpaper without having a Waja image cover up any of the artwork. Some users use breedless wajas to showcase their favorite wallpapers. For others, equipping wallpapers to breedless wajas is a useful way to get images of scenic backgrounds for use in Wajas-related banners or graphics. To see examples of these wallpapers on Breedless wajas, please see All Wallpapers on Breedless.

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