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Clicking "Communicate" and then "Messages" will take you to your message center. This is where you can send, receive, and manage private messages (PMs). Private messages can only be viewed by the sender, the recipient, and site staff (if necessary).

Please Note: Messaging people about clubs, deals, sales, roleplays, etc. that they have not shown an interest in/asked to be notified of is against the rules and can be reported as spam.

Message Center Sections


Here you can view messages that have been sent to you. You can also lock messages (which prevents them from being deleted by periodic system cleanups), move them to folders you've created, or delete them from your inbox.

When viewing an individual message, there will also be options at the bottom of the message. With these buttons you can reply to the message (which will take you to a message creation page that has the subject and user ID filled out. It will also contain a quote of what was in the previous message under the header "Previous Message"), move the message to a folder, lock the message, delete the message, or report it for abuse.


Your outbox contains links to messages you have sent to other users. Note that sent messages here cannot be deleted; they will stay in your outbox until the recipient deletes them from their inbox and clears their Trash Can.

Trash Can

This page displays all the messages you've deleted from your inbox. Here you can either restore them (by clicking "Restore" to the right of individual messages) or delete them all permanently by clicking "Empty Trash". In order to view the messages, you will have to restore them, as they cannot be viewed from the Trash Can.

New Message

Clicking this takes you to a page where you can compose a message to someone. You will need to choose a recipient from your friend list or insert the user's User ID in the field provided. You will also have to specify a subject for your message. Once that's done, simply compose your message and press "Send".

Another way to send a user a message is from their User Profile, which will have a section for messaging them.

Note: HTML does not work in private messages.


Clicking this takes you to a page where you can add, delete, and rename folders. Folders are a way that you can organize the messages you have received.

My Folders

If you have created folders, this section will appear in the left hand toolbar and will list links to your folders underneath it.