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An example of a user profile page.

Every user has their own profile page. A user's profile page can be found either by clicking on their username, or by using this URL:

and putting in their User ID after the equals sign.

Basic Information

  • Username - At the top left of the profile page is the user's display name.
  • Add Friend / Block User - Below the username are two icons that you can use to add or remove the user from your Friend List or Blocked List.
  • Online Status - "Online" or "Offline" will be displayed here in italics, depending on whether the user is currently logged in or not. Take note that this is not always accurate.
  • Tag - Below the user's online status, their tag will be displayed (if they have uploaded one).
  • Date Joined: - This is the date that the user joined. Note that for some older accounts, the date will be listed as "unknown".
  • Last Login: - This is the date the user last logged in on.
  • Status: - This will list the upgrade status of the account:
    • "Normal" - No upgrade
    • "Golden Waja" - Standard (finite) upgrade
    • "Platinum Waja" - Forever upgrade
  • Upgraded Through: - This will only appear if the user's account is currently upgraded, and will display when the last day of their upgrade is. The date is displayed in the format Year-Month-Day.
  • User Pages: - This list includes any of the users public features available.
    • Shop - Takes you to the users shop.
    • Critters - Takes you to the users collection of Critters.
    • Trades - Takes you to the users available Trades.
    • Auctions - Takes you to the users available Auctions.
    • Item Showcase - Takes you to the users Item Showcase.


Introduced in 2017, profile wajas are now able to be chosen by the user to display. Standard users can choose up to 3 wajas to display, while upgraded accounts can choose up to 6. If no wajas are chosen, you'll see the text "No Waja chosen" which acts as a placeholder.

Under the profile wajas the link ("View Cave), which will take you to the user's cave.

Early in the site's history, another link existed in this section that allowed viewing of the user's previously owned wajas. However, the previously owned wajas page was broken during a downtime, so for years the link only took you to an error page. To avoid confusion and because it wasn't functional, the link was removed.

Choosing Profile Wajas (Wajas Showcase)

If you go into your settings (located underneath your avatar in the upper left hand corner of your screen), you'll be sitting on a page with tabs. You'll want to click the "Profile" tab, which is the very first tab. Click the "Change" button and you'll notice the waja selection screen will pop up on the bottom of the page. From there, you can select the waja you wish to put in that spot, and click "Submit." Your waja of choice will now be displayed! You cannot place the same waja in a different spot at the same time. You will be met with an error message reading "ERROR: Waja is already being displayed."

Send Message

Main Article: Messages

In this section you can quickly send the user a message directly from their profile page. This is a good way to be sure you're sending the message to the correct person.


Main Article: Achievements

Located here you can view all of the users trophies they have earned by completing Achievements. You can prevent other users from seeing your trophies by unchecking the button "Show Achievements" in your settings under the Preferences tab.

Flower Patch

Main Article: Flower Patch

If a user has sending and receiving of flowers enabled under Account Setup, their Flower Patch will be viewable at the bottom of their profile page.