Blocked List

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Your Blocked List is a page that lists all users you have blocked and links to their user profiles. Wajas allows you to easily block any user on the site. Blocking (or ignoring) a user disallows the user from sending you messages, items, or WC. If the user is on your Friend List, the action of blocking them will automatically remove them as a friend. Users you have blocked can be viewed on your Blocked List by, found by clicking "Communicate" and then "Blocked List".

Note: If a user has blocked you, you are not allowed to attempt to circumvent the block to try to communicate with them (for example, asking another player to talk to them for you, or using a different account to message them again). Continuing to attempt to contact them when they don't wish to talk to you can be reported as harassment.

Blocking a User

In order to block a user, simply navigate to their User Profile. From their user profile, you should see an icon with a red X on it (BlockUserIcon.png) underneath their name. Click this icon and the user will be added to your blocked list.

To remove a user from your blocked list, simply go back to their user profile and click the grayed out "block user" symbol (UnblockUserIcon.png) , which will now remove them. Adding a user to your Friend List will also automatically un-block them.