Friend List

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Your Friend List is a page that lists all the users you have added as a friend and links to their user profiles. It can be found by clicking "Communicate" and then on "Friend List" on the left side of the screen. If the user is on your Blocked List, the action of adding them to your Friend List will un-block them.

When transferring items, wajas, and WC, there will be a drop down menu that reads "Send to a Friend", listing users on your friend list so that you can quickly select them by name.

To help prevent against accidentally sending CWP to the wrong person, you may only transfer CWP to users who are on your Friend List.

Adding Users as Friends

In order to add a user to your Friend List, simply navigate to their User Profile. From their user profile, you should see an icon with a green plus on it (AddUserFriendIcon.png) underneath their name. Click this icon and the user will be added to your friend list.

To remove a user as your friend, simply go back to their user profile and click the grayed out "add friend" symbol (RemoveFriendIcon.png) , which will now remove them. Blocking a user will also automatically remove them from your friend list.