Pear Shop

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HELLO! Wow, nice to see you! Thanks for coming! Please, buy some pears!

The Pear Shop ran by the NPC Florrie sells a variety of common pears. The prices of the pears can vary each restock, but stay in the range of possible prices for that pear type. The prices in shop are very commonly, but not always, lower than those sold by fellow users.

Available Pears

Pears that DO NOT appear in the Pear Shop include: Instant Birth Pear, Markings Pear, Mutation Pear, and Age Pear Crumbs.


The term "restock" refers to the time when the server automatically reloads the shop with a limited number of the various pears. Currently, the Pear Shop restocks every hour at :02, :17, :32, :47 past the hour (according to Wajas Time), with the exception of the hour of 2:00-3:00am during which it does not restock at all.

A good way to get some of the more popular pears before they're sold out is to arrive at the pear shop shortly before the turn of the minute of restock, then simply refresh the page until the pears appear and click them quickly. However, this still requires a decently fast internet connection and good reflexes.

Another tip for buying the more popular pears is the do so at a time when most users are asleep. This is generally in the very late night and early morning according to the Wajas clock.

Buying Limits

In order to make things a little more fair, there is a limit to how many of each pear a given user can buy each restock. Upgraded users are allowed a higher buying limit then users who lack an upgraded account. Not all of the below numbers are guaranteed to be 100% accurate as some may require more testing to confirm.

Regular User

Buy Limit


User Buy Limit

Gender Pears 1 Pear 2 Pears
Age Pears 1 Pear 2 Pears
Male Pears 3 Pears 4 Pears
Normal Pears 3 Pears 4 Pears
Strange Pears 2 Pears 3 Pears
Love Pears 3 Pears 4 Pears
Ancient Love Pears 3 Pears 4 Pears

Please note that, even with this limit the more popular pears are often bought up by users within seconds of being restocked. You generally have to be at the pear shop refreshing before the restock occurs in order to get a chance to catch pears available.

Pear Shop Availability and Prices

The following chart details a rough range for the number of pears for each type that appear at restock. It also gives a rough range for the prices that these pears appear at in the Pear shop. Please keep in mind that these numbers are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, as they may require more testing to confirm.

Restock Amount Pear Shop Price
Gender Pears 1-2 Pears 94,000 WC - 97,000 WC
Age Pears 1-2 Pears 110,000 WC - 120,000 WC
Male Pears 1-3 Pears 76,000 WC - 85,000 WC
Normal Pears 1-3 Pears 75,000 WC - 78,000 WC
Strange Pears 1-3 Pears 75,000 WC - 76,000 WC
Love Pears 2-3 Pears 60,000 WC
Ancient Love Pears 1-2 Pears 80,000 WC - 85,000 WC
Ice Pears 1-2 Pears 90,000 WC - 94,000 WC