Smooth Dragon Belly

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Smooth Dragon Belly is a type of Mutation that can be added to a waja either during custom creation or through use of Smooth Dragon Belly DNA. It is a belly mutation that allows you to add a scaled belly to your waja.

Mutation Appearance

Smooth Dragon Belly can come in any Hex Color or Texture.

SmoothDragonBellyAerial.png SmoothDragonBellyAfrican.png SmoothDragonBellyArctic.png SmoothDragonBellyBane.png {{{breedless}}} SmoothDragonBellyCorsie.png SmoothDragonBellyDivine.png SmoothDragonBellyEarth.png SmoothDragonBellyEgyptian.png SmoothDragonBellyFire.png SmoothDragonBellyForest.png SmoothDragonBellyImp.png SmoothDragonBellyNormal.png SmoothDragonBellyPlushie.png SmoothDragonBellySpitz.png SmoothDragonBellyTempest.png SmoothDragonBellyWater.png