15th Anniversary

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Wajas is celebrating it's 15th anniversary all month long in July of 2021! Most notably from the event is the exclusive Solarian Crate 15yrs located temporarily in the CWP Shop and the Party Favors (as listed below) There are also many site events that can be found in the Admin Announcements Forum and the Admin Minigames Forum. A forever update will also be raffled away by purchasing the Temporary Raffle Ticket 2021s and turning them in to the Site Raffle that requires it.

Party Favor Event

The party favor event is an activity event that gives you party favors based on the amount of time you've been logged on, max of 3 favors per day. You get one random pull from the favors available every hour that you've been on. If you have linked accounts, the amount does count for both of them and a favor can be claimed on both accounts. More info can be found in the news post located here. The favors are equipable but also openable, and when opened turn into the following item:

Party Favor Item
Party Favor Blue 15th Anniversary Flag
Party Favor Green Photo Corners
Party Favor Mint Photo Frame
Party Favor Orange Worn Photo Frame Black
Party Favor Purple Worn Photo Frame
Party Favor Red Worn Photo Overlay
Party Favor Yellow Anniversary Party Wallpaper