Gothic Lace Set

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The Gothic Lace Set was released through the Halloween 2013 event. It is comprised of 5 components:

The set is shown with all components except for the Gothic Dying Roses equipped.

Equipped Appearance

GothicLaceSetAerial.png GothicLaceSetAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} GothicLaceSetBane.png {{{breedless}}} GothicLaceSetCorsie.png GothicLaceSetDivine.png GothicLaceSetEarth.png GothicLaceSetEgyptian.png GothicLaceSetFire.png GothicLaceSetForest.png GothicLaceSetImp.png GothicLaceSetNormal.png GothicLaceSetPlushie.png GothicLaceSetSpitz.png GothicLaceSetTempest.png GothicLaceSetWater.png