Halloween 2019

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Trixie has returned this year to pass out the treats (once every 60 minutes). You would simply click "Trick or Treat" and Trixie would give you a random item from the pool of possible items. Like the Halloweens before, Trixie's clock resets at every hour on the hour, allowing players to collect an item at 3:59 and then again at 4:00, for example. The event started on October 24, 2019 and is ongoing. This year a new openable, in form of Gravestones, can randomly be found while navigating the site. Upon being opened, the Gravestone itself disappears from the player's inventory, replaced by the item that was inside. The Solarian Crate Halloween was also released alongside this event as well.


This year Gravestones took the spotlight (thanks to Splinter) and each gravestone will give you three items upon opening.

Gravestone Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Gravestone Beloved Model Harvest Moon Multieyes Glowing Red Spooky Orange Wallpaper
Gravestone Broken Elegant Scythe Jar of Bizarre Multieyes Glowing Black
Gravestone Budget Jug of Ugh Multieyes Glowing Cyan Spilled Candycorn
Gravestone Cracked Challenger Left Foreground Model Blood Moon Spooky Purple Wallpaper
Gravestone Creepy Brew of Ewww Spilled Candy Witch Cauldron Purple
Gravestone Fancy Flask of Dont Ask Multieyes Glowing Green Witch Cauldron Yellow
Gravestone Ornate Challenger Right Foreground Multieyes Glowing Orange Vial of Vile
Gravestone Small Multieyes Glowing Purple Potion of Demotion Witch Cauldron Red
Gravestone Tall Multieyes Glowing White Multieyes Glowing Yellow Spooky Black Wallpaper

Door Trick or Treating

New Items Rereleased Items
Corn Anime Eyes Kawaii
Corn Dark Broom
Corn Golden Bug Eyes Pink
Corn Heritage Happy Halloween Bubble
Corn Red Longsword
Pumpkin Jack Head Monster Claws Bone
Pumpkin Jack Head Evil Not-As-Dark Shadows
Pumpkin Jack Shirt Not-As-Emaciated Shading
Rotting Pumpkin Angry Pestering Demons
Rotting Pumpkin Happy Shoulder Demon
Rotting Pumpkin Sad
Spider Hug
Swarm of Bats

Wallpapers, Midgrounds, and Foregrounds
New Items Rereleased Items
Bones Midground Above the Clouds Wallpaper
Cave Ceiling Foreground Autumnal Rays Forest Wallpaper
Corn Maze Wallpaper Evening Rays Forest Wallpaper
Dark Cave Wallpaper Evening Sunflowers Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Gray Flipped Wallpaper Misty Woods Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Gray Wallpaper Ominous Woods Black Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Purple Flipped Wallpaper River of Souls Blue Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Purple Wallpaper River of Souls Purple Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Red Flipped Wallpaper River of Souls Red Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Red Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Yellow Flipped Wallpaper
Ghoulish Forest Yellow Wallpaper
Pressed Plants Midground
Spider Forest Left Wallpaper
Spider Forest Right Wallpaper
Twisting Forest Brown Foreground
Twisted Forest Brown Wallpaper
Twisting Forest Foreground
Twisting Forest Wallpaper
Twisting Forest Brown Midground
Twisting Forest Midground