Player Trick or Treating: Lights On-Lights Off

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Each October, Wajas players hold their own Trick-or-Treating event (often abbreviated to ToT). Players will "trick-or-treat" to the caves of participants via PM (personal/private message) and receive either a trick or a treat in return. Many players will dress up and roleplay one or more of their wajas and possibly themselves as the Trick-or-Treater(s). Messages that are well written may receive better responses, but no one is required to give a treat- tricks are absolutely fair game, too. To signify to other players that they are accepting Trick-or-Treaters, players will put the words "Lights On" in their name, or some abbreviation thereof (ie, LOn, L-On, ON). Players who are not accepting Trick-or-Treaters will either have no indication in their name or will have Lights Off (LOff, L-Off, OFF) and should not be messaged as a part of the event because such messages may be considered spam and reported. The lights on/off is descended from the tradition of houses that have candy for Trick-or-Treaters leaving their porch light on as an indication.

There are no minimum requirements for treats given and the possibilities include wajas, pears, and accessories. Sometimes cheap items may be given as "tricks". While The Trick-or-Treaters stop after Halloween is over, some players who received Trick-or-Treaters may find themselves sending out their responding tricks and treats into early November, depending on the number of messages they received and other things that may be going on. After October, however, light indications can safely be removed from names since no one will be Trick-or-Treating anymore.