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The Trade in Point Event (TIP event) was an event introduced on December 18, 2009 designed to encourage users to release wajas and therefore help relieve the load on the server. Users could go to their cave and find an option called "Trade in Wajas". Trading in a waja would permanently send them to the OWF's cave to be eventually compressed. In the end, over 650,000 wajas were turned in. The event ended on December 21, 2009 and it has already been stated by the admin that this sort of event will NEVER be repeated.

One waja was worth one point (TIP). Points could not be transferred, sold, auctioned, or traded. Points could be collected and used in the Point Exchange. To prevent users from abusing the event by Puppy Milling, the event was launched without prior warning and lasted only four days (which is less than the gestation time of a waja), making it impossible for users to breed wajas specifically to turn in for the event.

In November, 2013 the TIP event was run once again. The event began just after 11pm on November 15, and ended at 9am on November 18th. Breeding was disabled for this event, as when it was announced no timeframe had been decided. After user complaints about being unable to breed, the end date was announced.

Point Exchange

The point exchange (not to be confused with the Leaf Exchange) was a shop located under World where users could trade in their accumulated points for a variety of items.

Available items for the 2009 event were:




Available items for the 2013 event were: