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Resuki is an artist on Wajas, and has been since August, 2011. ID is #74180. pleased as punch to have her own page, Resuki wrote up a bio for the Wiki! Pasted below:

"Gina Trujillo, known online as Resuki, is a volunteer items artist for Wajas since August, 2011. Resuki joined Wajas in June 2008 because she was invited by some friends who had been playing for a while. Her cave ID is #74180.

Prior to becoming a member of staff, Resuki was behind a suggestion forum to bring back the OWF, which gained hundreds of supporters. Afterward, the ability to get wc from retiring wajas was implemented, and eventually, the OWF brought back in full. It is unclear if it was a direct result of this effort or not.

When an open call for staff members came in 2011, Resuki was excited to join. She had been a volunteer staff member at another petsite, Cyopets, which had recently gone under due to management issues. The chance to be a part of such a team again was very appealing.

Outside of Wajas, Resuki is a comic book artist and writer. She is the co-creator of Bobble Kitty Comics, an online comics and blog website. Her duties include writing and drawing for the stories held on*) and its subdirectories."

(*)A reminder that isn't responsible for the things you choose to look at off of its official website.

Resuki's Wajas Art Contributions