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A simple example tag created using only the on-site art and a free art program.

On Wajas, a tag (sometimes called an avatar), is an image a user uploads under Account Setup that then appears on the user's profile page. All users can display a pre-set library of tags on the forums. If the user has an upgraded account, they can upload their own custom tag for use in the forums. Tags can be of near any subject, as long as they stay within the rules and follow the ToS (meaning no nudity, offensive language, excessive violence, etc). Tags frequently include the user's user ID number and/or their username. Your tag is visible on all pages in the upper left hand corner of the screen, right above your username.

A high quality tag, much like an upgraded account and a low user ID number, is considered something of a status symbol. Users with custom art from a skilled artist as their tag generally garner some admiration for the quality of their tag and are sometimes seen as more experienced or wealthier (as high quality art tags often cost multiple CWP to commission from the artist).

Tag Guidelines

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an image to use as your tag:

  • The ToS and forum rules still apply. No nudity, no swearing, no offensive language, no excessive violence, etc.
  • Do not steal another user's tag or use another user's art as a tag without their permission. This will get you reported for art theft.
  • Tags must be 150x150 pixels or smaller.
  • Only .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF and .PNG file types are accepted as tags. If your image is in another format, you will either need to convert it to an acceptable file type or find another image.
  • File sizes for tags must be no larger than 150kb.

Uploading a Tag

To upload a tag, you must first go to your Settings and click on the "Avatar" tab. From here you will be able to browse your computer for the image. Locate and select the image you wish to use, then click "Submit". Your tag should now be updated accordingly. If your tag fails to upload and you receive an error message, this usually means that the image is either larger than 150x150 pixels, over 150kb in size, or is of an incompatible file type. You may have to hard refresh your page (ctrl+f5) for the change to take place. Others may not see it update right away either and may have to hard refresh on their end as well.

Buying and Selling Tags

Tags can be bought and sold via the Tag Sales board on the forums, where artists can start a thread showcasing their work and offering to draw tags for other users for a price. Users looking for a tag can also post on the Art Wanted Ads, specifying what they're looking for, what skill level they want, and how much they're willing to pay.

For users with artistic talent this can be a decent way to earn money on the site, while for the less artistically inclined it is a good way to get nice looking, customized art.

Keep in mind that commissioning artists for copyrighted characters (Example: Disney Characters, TV show characters, etc) is against the Terms of Service AND federal copyright rules.

Tag Library

The following tags are available to all users. A user can also choose not to display a tag at all.

<gallery widths="125px" heights="125px" perrow="4">

File:TagPortrait1.png |

Accessory Shop NPC File:TagPortrait2.png |
Bonus Barn NPC File:TagPortrait3.png |
Dye Shop NPC File:TagPortrait4.png |
Leaf Exchange NPC File:TagPortrait5.png |
Nicola the Genius NPC File:TagPortrait6.png |
OWF Girl NPC File:TagPortrait7.png |
Pear Shop NPC File:TagPortrait8.png |
Snack Shop NPC File:TagPortrait9.png |
Token Shop NPC File:TagPortrait10.png |
Wallpaper Shop NPC File:TagPortrait11.png |
Santa Apollo File:TagPortrait12.png |
Mad Scientist NPC File:TagPortrait13.png |
Balloon Pop NPC File:TagPortrait14.png |
Home Page Corsie File:TagPortrait15.png |
Home Page Water File:TagPortrait16.png |
Apollo File:TagPortrait17.png |
Raffles NPC