Blue Iris

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"A fancy blue iris to place behind your Waja's ear."
Item Type: Accessory
Item ID: 118
Artist: Saelyra
Release Date: March 2007
Release Method: Leaf Exchange, 6 Leaf Points
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This item was re-released briefly in the Mining Cave. This item is now available in Solarian Crate Flowers.

Equipped Appearance

BlueIrisAerial.png BlueIrisAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} BlueIrisBane.png {{{breedless}}} BlueIrisCorsie.png BlueIrisDivine.png BlueIrisEarth.png BlueIrisEgyptian.png BlueIrisFire.png BlueIrisForest.png BlueIrisImp.png BlueIrisNormal.png BlueIrisPlushie.png BlueIrisSpitz.png BlueIrisTempest.png BlueIrisWater.png