Emo Wig Orange

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"All the gingers will be jealous."
Item Type: Accessory
Item ID: 1646
Artist: Zrcalo
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Release Method: Leaf Exchange, 40 Leaf Points
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Equipped Appearance

EmoWigOrangeAerial.png EmoWigOrangeAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} EmoWigOrangeBane.png {{{breedless}}} EmoWigOrangeCorsie.png EmoWigOrangeDivine.png EmoWigOrangeEarth.png EmoWigOrangeEgyptian.png EmoWigOrangeFire.png EmoWigOrangeForest.png EmoWigOrangeImp.png EmoWigOrangeNormal.png EmoWigOrangePlushie.png EmoWigOrangeSpitz.png EmoWigOrangeTempest.png EmoWigOrangeWater.png