Forked Tongue

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Forked Tongue a type of Potion Mutation. They can be permanently added to your waja by using a Ptthhh Potion. Forked Tongue gives your waja a long, reptilian tongue coming from its mouth. When adding this mutation to your waja using a potion, you may choose its color.

Mutation Appearance

All examples feature wajas with FF0000 (pure red) Forked Tongues. However, this mutation can come in any Hex Color as well as any Texture.

ForkedTongueAerial.png ForkedTongueAfrican.png ForkedTongueArctic.png ForkedTongueBane.png ForkedTongueBreedless.png ForkedTongueCorsie.png ForkedTongueDivine.png ForkedTongueEarth.png ForkedTongueEgyptian.png ForkedTongueFire.png ForkedTongueForest.png ForkedTongueImp.png ForkedTongueNormal.png ForkedTonguePlushie.png ForkedTongueSpitz.png ForkedTongueTempest.png ForkedTongueWater.png