Forked Tongue

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Forked Tongue a type of Potion Mutation. They can be permanently added to your waja by using a Ptthhh Potion. Forked Tongue gives your waja a reptilian tongue coming from its mouth. This mutation cannot be colored and so always appears light peach in color.

Mutation Appearance

ForkedTongueAerial.png ForkedTongueAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} ForkedTongueBane.png {{{breedless}}} ForkedTongueCorsie.png ForkedTongueDivine.png ForkedTongueEarth.png ForkedTongueEgyptian.png ForkedTongueFire.png ForkedTongueForest.png ForkedTongueImp.png ForkedTongueNormal.png ForkedTonguePlushie.png ForkedTongueSpitz.png ForkedTongueTempest.png ForkedTongueWater.png