Liquid Flow

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Liquid Flow is a Dye Marking that places flowing lines on your waja. You can add this marking by using a Dye Liquid Flow.

Marking Appearance

All examples feature wajas with the marking in FF0000 (pure red). However, this marking can come in any Hex Color as well as rainbow (simply put the word "RAINBOW" in the hex field) and chrome (simply put the word "chrome" in the hex field).

LiquidFlowAerial.png LiquidFlowAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} LiquidFlowBane.png {{{breedless}}} LiquidFlowCorsie.png LiquidFlowDivine.png LiquidFlowEarth.png LiquidFlowEgyptian.png LiquidFlowFire.png LiquidFlowForest.png LiquidFlowImp.png LiquidFlowNormal.png LiquidFlowPlushie.png LiquidFlowSpitz.png LiquidFlowTempest.png LiquidFlowWater.png