Long Cheek Fluff

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Long Cheek Fluff is a type of Mutation that add long fluff to the cheeks and can be obtained through Breeding.

Mutation Appearance

All examples feature a white waja with FF0000 (pure red). However, the mutation can come in any Hex Color or Texture.

LongCheekFluffAerial.png LongCheekFluffAfrican.png LongCheekFluffArctic.png LongCheekFluffBane.png LongCheekFluffCorsie.png LongCheekFluffDivine.png LongCheekFluffEarth.png LongCheekFluffEgyptian.png LongCheekFluffFire.png LongCheekFluffForest.png LongCheekFluffImp.png LongCheekFluffNormal.png LongCheekFluffPlushie.png LongCheekFluffSpitz.png LongCheekFluffTempest.png LongCheekFluffWater.png