Raptor Claws

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Raptor Claws are a type of Potion Mutation. They can be permanently added to your waja by using a Prehistoric Potion on it. Raptor claws give your wajas long, raptor like claws on all their paws. This mutation cannot be colored and so always appears in black.

Mutation Appearance

RaptorClawsAerial.png RaptorClawsAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} RaptorClawsBane.png {{{breedless}}} RaptorClawsCorsie.png RaptorClawsDivine.png RaptorClawsEarth.png RaptorClawsEgyptian.png RaptorClawsFire.png RaptorClawsForest.png RaptorClawsImp.png RaptorClawsNormal.png RaptorClawsPlushie.png RaptorClawsSpitz.png RaptorClawsTempest.png RaptorClawsWater.png