Saber Fangs

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Saber Fangs is a type of Custom Mutation. The only way to get this mutation is randomly from a Mutation Pear, or by making a Custom with it. When creating a custom with Saber Fangs, you cannot change their color. They will always come out white.

Mutation Appearance

SaberFangsAerial.png SaberFangsAfrican.png {{{arctic}}} SaberFangsBane.png {{{breedless}}} SaberFangsCorsie.png SaberFangsDivine.png SaberFangsEarth.png SaberFangsEgyptian.png SaberFangsFire.png SaberFangsForest.png SaberFangsImp.png SaberFangsNormal.png SaberFangsPlushie.png SaberFangsSpitz.png SaberFangsTempest.png SaberFangsWater.png